Friday, August 19, 2011

Just a Little Note....

Just a little note to say I am still here!  (On my son's computer...sigh...)

They say when one door closes another opens..I would like to say another has opened!!  But not yet..I expect it soon though!!  Oh the other is sort of swinging open, as things around me change at a rapid pace!! (which changes MY world like it or not!)

Summer is always full of surprises, happy days, sad days and repairs ( and this year mostly repairs!  And the reason why the computer delay is a big one....we need roof!)  Once that is taken care of I can settle down and get back to business...

What's that saying about how...I have plans...lots of plans.....but Life keeps getting in the way!?

Well, so true, so true..hey who's complaining!?  No me!!  I NOW understand why some bloggers take the summer off....I should have just closed shop until the computer comes through!!  Although the events of this whole summer, so far, were totally unplanned!!!

LOTS going on in the garden...lots of shade (too much) and dry weather early on, caused a lack of female flowers on the zucchini!!  NOW I am finally starting to get some female that has been late.  but LOTS of very big tomatoes, and eggplant, and peppers coming, and zinnias are full of colorful blooms, mixed with marigolds (I always have zinnia and marigolds in the veg garden, also I generally add some gladiolas and nasturtium and sweet alyssum...this year I didn't add as much..I need to do a garden bed re-do) ...eventually I will get back on track!!

Until then, have a great rest of the SOON as the roof is taken care of, and I can see where I stand I am back...
(I miss Lass fiercely!!   I miss that part of my IS a whole different lifestyle)

See ya later, 



  1. Seeing snow on your blog cracks me up.

    Sorry that you have another repair to do... but look forward to hearing about the open door!

  2. Hi Krystal,

    Yep one after another...oh well...maybe we are fixing the house up to sell..we shall see...I feel like some sort of adventure is ahead but not sure what it is yet!

    Love seeing your pics (and your kids) even if I don't comment on them..every time I get started my son walks in and needs to do something on the computer!! HAHA!

  3. I'm so sorry. You have sure had more than your fair share lately...

  4. Thanks Brenda,

    I try to think it is just one more step in the right direction..."the best is yet to come right"?

  5. Hi! I am your newest follower! I found you on Debra's blog, 5th and State! I saw your post after mine. Please know that shelters also have "designer" dogs. Go to PetFinder. Many dogs can be transported as well!


  6. Thanks Andie,

    It is sad that people today, whether your run of the mill dogs and cats, or a designer type, are just discarded so easily. We look at the sad stories in PetSmart every time we go. These poor cats! It breaks your heart...