Saturday, October 1, 2011

Do You Like To Cook?

I found a really cool site.  It is a video cooking site.  Recipes are really simple video clips.


Check out this recipe for the forbidden white bread!!  (I buy white bread one time a year.  When the tomatoes ripen in the garden... for once a year tomato and mayo sandwiches on white other bread does it... )

But I have a new use, now, for the left over bread after the tomatoes are used up...

He calls them Fried Pinchy Sandwiches.....

Fried PB Pinchy Sandwiches..but you can make them with any filling..I already thought of grilled cheese with jalapeno pepper I have another once a year use for white bread...

Enjoy......He has some good recipes on this blog...

See you later,


  1. A couple of decades ago, my BIL gave us a snackmaster and I made stuff similar to this. The kids loved it. (I hate to cook)

  2. I thought maybe my son's would like them..they are grown, but we can make up some fillings.
    I love to cook. But I barely have time any more and not really anyone to cook for any more...I to cook BIG things, for LOTS of they want fast fast, if anything...
    I always thought I should have a lunch cafe (I Love mornings but am not technically what you would all a morning person..) ..but age has a way of catching up with you!

  3. Oh man... I'm off to look at that recipe!