Monday, November 7, 2011

Stoppin' By to Say "Hi"...And a Wonderful Moving Chart of the Universe.

Hi....Busy on this fall day, raking and sweeping, and knowing that since the leaves aren't down yet we will have to do it all over agin..maybe even 2 more times! (if you leave it to do all at once, it is an unbelievable huge job..there are just so many leaves!)

 Still working on getting the pictures off this little Powershot.  Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be holding up to our multiple uses!  And doing some very strange hope we can at least find a place to save what is on it before it dies!

While I am here...Who likes Astronomy?  I found this on Stumbleupon...its so cool..I think it would make a nice screen saver (if thats possible!)  I tried to pin it on interest but it said it was too big (since its animated it is a huge program)

Anyway hope you enjoy it.  Makes you realize we are but a pin speck in the grand Universe we live in...

See you later...Take care now..



  1. We did leaves in our yard Thursday. Woke up Friday and it didn't look like we had done them. Then we went to a lawn mowing client of my son's house on Friday and did all his leaves. Saturday said son went to another client's house and worked with her older son and did their leaves {for 5 hours}. Sunday sons and husband did our front yard again. Today kids and I did back yard. Leaf pickup is Wednesday. I get the feeling I'll be doing them one more time before they sweep them up. But I'm so thankful that I don't have to bag them!

  2. Oh gosh, when we were kids that was a big chore for us. And everyone had a burn barrel so we'd just pile the leaves in there. But not before we had a chance to walk through them and listen to the crackling sounds.

  3. I wouldn't want to have to rake the leaves, but worse yet... not having your lovely trees.

  4. Oh yes, it's not unheard of to put 100 bags out in this it is an ongoing process.
    We use the mower and that shred them a little so it is not as much to bag. Then I save a lot for the chickens because they love them, and I can put them down on the ground when it snows so they have something to walk on...
    We have a mix of dogwoods, oaks and maples and few odds and ends here and there. The Oaks take their time losing leaves so it just keeps going..the lawn is covered again and the trees look like they are still full! But the weather is mild so it's fun...

  5. I completely understand about the leaves... sometimes it lasts well into December and Christmas before the leaves have finished falling.