Friday, November 11, 2011

Well Lookie Here....FALL!

Well finally got a taste of fall...through OCT (!!!) there was not a hint!!  Now we get color but as previously mentioned most of the leaves were already browning and falling...but better late then never.

SURPRISE!! Pictures!  Working on a header.....which at the rate we are losing the camera it might be the header going into spring!

the most color we have is the Euonymus shrub (Burning Bush above and set on vivid no less!) but we'll take it!  The birds drop seeds all over so we just pick and choose where we want them to stay.  They are all over the neighborhood. I have several on the property and more in pots!  One is trimmed like a Lolly Pop.

Well I wanted to add more-I wanted to add the Burning Bush in the pots because they are the most vivid.. (brilliant red the way it is supposed to be) but Blogger isn't letting me add any more (go figure!) so for now this is it....
See you later..

Maybe I can come back and add some more try

(next to one of my last pots of lettuce)



  1. Glad you got some fall colors! I'd miss them!

  2. I've been frustrated with Blogger lately as well. The photos just aren't loading properly. I resorted to uploading one at a time... grrrr. Love your fall color.

  3. Thank you Monica..I like you photos too! (and your cute cartoon doodles)