Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Winter Everyone...

Officially Winter came in at 12:30am this morning.....(on the East Coast) So far it looks like a mild fall! (rare not to have a half day of winter before the first full day)I have tiny flowers on my Bridal Wreath thinking it is time to come out!

I thought this would be an appropriate song for the first day of winter...memories of winters past.

 This is by Dean Martin-compliments of You Tube...

FINALLY!  My header makes sense......Promise, after the season is done I will try to be good, and figure out my cameras picture program (problem with the camera is it is over used.  Three of us are using it..every time I look for it someone else has it is not a big camera only a small pocket one I bought just for carrying to take pics for the blog!) My work station changed (not for the better) my equipment..lot of changes.. And I never actually seem to have the camera in my hands at the same time I can sit down and use it, OR put pictures on the computer...!  I think we need another camera...

Oh...if you have a few minutes to spare the next time you sit down at your computer...go to Google and type in "let it snow".  Or type in "tilt"...or better yet.."Do A Barrel Roll"

Just for the fun of it....(I am sure your kids already know about them)

See you later-gotta run now,



  1. So hard to believe it is really winter... way too warm and then cold but we've had no snow.

    Off to google...

  2. We've had no snow either..not even a flake..guess we are making up for all the extra we got last year!

  3. I've been amazed that some of you haven't had snow yet! You'll get some... eventually. Merry Christmas!

  4. We have had these winters (autumns?) before..on LI East Coast) Gray damp but non snowy winters are what I think are more norm here..actually in this "part" of LI we live usually does have more snow in this one area (close to CT cost) but..oh well..safer to drive in I guess...blame it on La is getting colder but some days I feel like I live in the south!

    Have a safe weekend everyone! (no matter what the weather!)

  5. We still have nothing! So weird for Minnesota.

    Merry Christmas friend!

  6. That IS weird for's cold here today (well colder then it has been-mid 30's at 1pm) but the coldest we've had so far and they say back to the 40's tomorrow and next's our reward for getting through last winter without too much complaining..

  7. Kinda funny, that you wanted to change your header and now it fits again. LOL

  8. It IS old pictures from last year, though..we haven't even seen a flurry this year so far!