Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Wow!  This has been some year so far!

I haven't yet had a chance to check out the 'new" blogger , to even see if I like it yet!  (Or change my header!)

 So much is happening at once, I don't have a chance to breath!  Do we ever get a rest?   Why am I still asking this?

My roof needs to be done..but I think before that..I need a car!  I have been sharing with my son (which is a pain although do-able so far).  But My old car is stuck in front of the garage..and the garage door just this past week broke!  (I actually knew that was coming because of a "repair' THAT  was done (I can't complain it was a favor, but the door never worked right after) and I knew from the beginning it wasn't right..anyway...I think that I need a car ( for obvious reasons) first, then the garage door, then the roof...whew!   Everything in its own time..I am not a rich person!  One thing at a time..

Anyway I am trying to put things in order..then my email gets hacked!  So I hope i didn't cause any problems for anyone.  (I have a friend in NJ who I think her email is compromised and she keeps telling me it isn't.  But every time I answer her, I end up with some sort of problem!)   Hopefully this time she is fixed..!

I have been so busy I haven't even started a garden yet!  I think this crazy winter we had (weather wise) totally threw me I have lettuce and green onion (scallions) and some other spring things, started in pots...I am about to plant tomatoes, and other summer things..soon very soon...

I LOVE the new chickens.   Although certainly not our first flock, but our first from a new company (to us).  I Love the health and quality of these chickens, and you can order as few as 3!! (depending on where you are in proximity to them) in contrast to most companies that you need to order 25 at a time..  The PROBLEM is in deciding which ones to buy..I want them all!   When the boys were young and I had more personable neighbors ..(things change people move) I could use that many, but now it is just me, and the occasional extra breakfast.   And a neighbor here and there, that wants them.  I had 6 from an older flock left, and added 5 more.  Of course since then some of the older ones have passed, so I keep thinking I want more... (I love variety in egg color!)
  I am getting 6-7 eggs a day...nice...

 Well...I am day doesn't end until way later then I hope it does!

 Here is a picture of last years garden. (with Lass still with me...) I am thinking of changing the whole garden (soon) .  Making more raised beds..and putting more in pots... My work is cut out for me... This is last years spring picture.  The beds you see here were farther over to the left (as you look at the picture). I moved one over (the one closest to the shrub on the right in the's just peeking into the pic) after my husband died..following the sun...  I am thinking of dividing the long beds into smaller shorter beds...  I don't know....I have to think about it...  I'll let you know...

See you later,

OH!  PS..In early May, my son's girl friend and her mother and me went to NYC to the taping of The was VERY fun.   It aired May 7th.   (technically I didn't really watch the show before, but it was fun anyway, and I watch it more now)  Then we met my two sons, and we went to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens..when I get pics loaded I will post them...  In June we are going to the of my favorite cooking shows ever!



  1. Girl, you sound busier than a one-armed paper hanger with hives! Hopefully you have the email situation squared away, what a pain in the butt!

    We just had a porte cochere added and got a new roof. I'm so glad that crap is over with, as well as the repair they had to do to the garage ceiling... after accidentally knocking it down.

    Good luck with the car, garage door, garden and chickens!

    1. Yeah..It is such a relief a weight off your shoulders...when you can check off a BIG thing from your list... One thing at a time...More to come! My son is serious with his girl friend and I always thought we would end up moving close to them (another state) and now I hear her parents are thinking of moving here! It is SO expensive here, all the power to them if they are moving here rather then away! (taxes $7-15,000 a year!)

  2. So much going on! I hope all the financial things work out and you get a garden planted... I'm hoping by next weekend to have mine in!

    1. One step at a time..we'll see how it goes..I probably should have moved a long time ago..but it is s hard to do....

  3. Good to see you!... love your garden plot and the chickens are so pretty! I have six more coming too....

    1. Hee hee..I just want to keep getting more chickens! I love that Chicken site I mentioned MY Pet Chicken). And LOVE variety in color.. I am thinking maybe I will get a few more this late summer...we'll see..
      I miss Lass so much and having horses. My neighbor got some minis, (not really hers, she her horse in a local barn and they kind of traded) But I never know if I am I don't get any more animals then I have to (harder to move) ..a REAL challenge!!

  4. Replies
    1. Glad you do. They are so easy. And they are more relaxing (or as much and less work really) then fish! Plus they give back. They come to me when I call them, and follow me around the garden as I cute...