Thursday, June 9, 2011

Computer Woes Update and A New Blog (For Me Anyway)

My computer troubles are not over...after all this time, I find out that the store I bought the computer in, is telling me now I might have to send it back to the manufacturer.

Rather then do that, I am thinking of having one of my son's friends just try to save the pics and wipe it clean... However, I am not sure when he can do that, or IF he can.  So I am a bit discouraged to say the least.  (and that is not helping in my current state of mind...another apparent loss in my it time to give up yet?)  So I am considering a lap top, although I was not counting on that extra cost either, especially not knowing what this desktop is going to run me in the long run...

Meanwhile, I am snapping pictures, although who knows what time of year it will be when I can post them!


On the BLOG front, I just found a blog, through IVillage, that has many many DIY projects on it I thought might be interesting...I added her to my already long and growing blog list...

Her name is Fern Richardson.

She has an award winning blog on Container Gardening. (she's adorable too)

The projects are geared towards apartment and city life, but anyone who does any kind of container gardening will Love her I am sure.  She also has some good recipes too.  I already found a project I want to try.

 Post image for How to Turn a Pallet into a Garden
 This is Fern's photo

It is a "Pallet Garden" would be perfect for leaf lettuce and herbs in the summer and fall, in a shady all I have to do is, "go behind the stores shopping", for some pallets...

So I will see you later,

HOT HOT HOT today in NY!! It is 10:30am and already 90!! (struggling to keep the garden alive!  I JUST planted zinnias before this heat!)

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