Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ops...Made a Mistake On a Blog Link...

A couple of days ago I wrote about a blog that is an award winning blog about container gardening, and "Life On the Balcony" (apartment living).  There was a project (see it about 3 posts down) about making a wooden pallet into a "garden".  It is a perfect idea for ivy, or trailing plants and I think it would make a great herb garden.

I gave the wrong link!  Please forgive me Fern!  Here is the correct one.  I do hope people check this out, it is such a good idea. (and a great blog)



See ya later,


  1. Hi Janie!
    I will looka at this blog as I have a very small backyard and have to grow everything in pots. Glad the Mets own tonight!

  2. Janie, I just HAD to pop over from Pat's fab blog, Mille Fiori Favoriti, as soon as I saw a fellow Mets fan!!! And have been a loyal fan since I was 10 years old! I have to check out the blog about container gardening. I am happy our team won tonight. I am also your newest follower. xo,

  3. Thanks Barbara..I will check you out too...

    The girl that runs this site (Fern - isn't that cute?)is really cute and has so many good ideas for potted plants etc. Very cute site.

  4. Hey it happens. I am following back. Love all the snow photos. Wish I had a little snow today!!

  5. Thanks Anita,
    I would like to change the winter pics to the spring and summer ones, but I am beginning to like them! The snow DOES loo refreshing! haha!

  6. Thanks for the link, Janie! There's lots of good gardening info there! I'm a new follower and like your blog so I am looking forward to more great posts!

  7. Thanks for the link, I'll be sure and check it out.

    Take care Janie and have a great weekend :-)