Saturday, June 18, 2011

It is Coming Close to That Time of the Year......

I am referring to canning and preserving our garden harvests (or bulk shopping at the Farmer's Market)

Here is a great site, that has tons of information on it.

Not much to report today.  It is a shopping day for me..trying to catch some sales!

I have some more planting to do..marigolds and more beans and I am starting fall Cole crops soon...
Getting anyone, outside of rip off places, to check the computer (still waiting!) is like pulling teeth around list of needs (I mean needs..I am down to one pot and one dutch oven!  Good thing it is summer and not much cooking goes one inside!) is growing, and so the fun a new lap top! And camera!  Is getting farther and farther down the list!!

Well, off the "the races" so to speak!

See you later,


  1. I never attempted to can anything, as I am always afraid I'd not do it correctly and get sick, but for some reason this year, I really want to try my hand at jams. I will check out this site. Happy shopping! xo,

  2. I can with my Mom - but I've only ever done peach jam. Yum!

  3. Barbara, if you follow the directions and make sure you hear the lids pop you should be fine. (after the lids pop remove the rings)

    I always did tomatoes, pickles, and jellys. Canning the less acid vet is a little scary but generally if you make sure the ingredients are clean and fresh and the jars sterilized (and you hear the pop) they are alright. Or you can pickle the less acid veg, for instance and make bean pickled for salad, I know some people even can meat..I never tried that...For any veg I was always a little timid about canning, I would dry them, or freeze them. The easiest things to can is tomatoes..a good place to start.

    I just read that drying tomatoes and then storing them in oil is BAD! That it is better to dry them and when you use them reconstitute them in oil.

    Its fun isn't it Kristal? It makes you feel good somehow, when you look at the shelf and see the jars. (date them)

    There is a lot of good information on this site.