Friday, July 8, 2011

Oh My Goodness! It's Been So Long!

 I haven't written in so long!  I am frustrated.  I want my computer back!  I have a little Power Shot camera full of pictures!

I think I am going to have to spring for a laptop, but that will still take a few weeks to do.  We have a cesspool line clog right now, and are trying to unclog it without having to call someone..I think it is isn't a solid clog (thank goodness) but it will take time.  And the cost of additives.

The garden is taking up most of the time.  I tend to plant very closely (Intensive Gardening to say the least!) and when it is hot and steamy it becomes like a jungle!   And of course when you get to what you think is "the end" you have to turn around and start all over again!   I am always thinking and planning for new containers to plant things in, because I am running out of room.  And I think this fall I will plan on making some mini ponds, for the patio, if not late this summer, for next year... 

Besides the favorites I try to grow every year, I try to grow one new thing I never grew before.  So the list of "favorites" tends to grow!  Which means I run out of room eventually!   My grandfather would grow one thing he wanted to try and I would grow something else..we always traded surplus harvests..that was nice.  One year I grew a bed of wheat.  Just to watch it wave in the breeze in it's golden goodness.......

Of course I didn't get much out of it, but I did get enough grains and flour for several loaves of bread.  And it was fun.  Another time I grew mustard..and spent the next 3 years trying to get it out of the garden!  The dirt here is not very good and it is hard to keep fertile..even with mulches, organic fertilizers, and composted manures.  So it has been a challenge to say the least.  

Right now, I am doing battle with a cute little Chipmunk, or maybe it's a whole colony!  And I would like to ring his ( their) neck!  I had to bring all my fall seedlings inside because he keeps digging them out of the pots.  If I end up with any fall veg it will be a miracle!

Another hot steamy and potentially stormy day in Southern NY ..but I think after this we will get a break from humidity and it should be a nice weekend..

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

See ya later,



  1. Good to hear from you, Janie. I have more weeds than actual plants, I think!! xo

  2. Nice to hear how you are doing... sounds like your garden is growing well... and the chipmunk, I'll pray he finds a new home ;-)

  3. The chipmunks are prolific this year!!....

    Now I understand why the snow pictures in your header, still :-)

  4. ARRRgghhh..

    Blogger is messing with me today! I am having trouble commenting on other blogs, sometimes not being able to access my OWN blog, and not being able to add any new blogs (yeah I did hit my limit but I let some go because I could subscribe to them on email) I am even having trouble emailing some of the followers!! (I keep getting a error message or page not accessible or whatever) I am definitely not a computer genius!)

    I was in the back by the stall yesterday and chipmunks were running all over..back and forth criss crossing paths!! I see them in the back, the front, the sides, and of course in the garden and on the deck and patio..they have little holes all over the lawn!! (but they are so cute...)

    Garden is growing..there is weeds for sure, but everything is so close together they come right out with the slightest tug...

    Yep..that's why the snow pics...haha (although right now they are kind of cooling)

  5. When you talked about the wheat, it brought back memories of my childhood. My grandparents had a farm and grew wheat and I remember one year being totally fascinated with how it looked in the late afternoon ... all golden and moving like ocean waves. It was so beautiful! :-)

    Thank you for your comments on Reduce Footprints. I'll be mentioning you and your blog in tomorrow's post so ... if you get a chance (and your computer continues to work), drop by! :-)

  6. Oh, now THAT'S wheat.... yes, I could watch those golden waves all afternoon.

    Thanks for stopping by...I will definitely stop by you again too.