Friday, July 15, 2011

Stll Here!!

Just a quick note to let anyone who might stop by I am still here...

This has been the week know.

My son's car died, and he was using mine when he wasn't getitng a ride to work from friends...thats ok..we have dealt with that before...

Another thing we have dealt with before, but not in about ..oh, 11 years or severe colic. (that's in the horse, we're not talking babies here!)

Our horse has a metabolic condition.  She does colic if the hay is just not "right"..She is very sensitive.  But after a serious bout of severe colic when she was 3, she has suffered occasional gas colics (you know that hurts..multiply but a horse has about 100 feet of that hurts!) but nothing serious..until now.

She is 14 now, which in horse year, and especially for her breed (an old style Morgan) they can reach 35-40 years! So she is relatively young..although with her problems, she might not make it that long...

BUT she is dealing with an impaction right now.  Has not passed manure for almost 4 days!!  The vet is making daily visits to give her, I guess what would be comparable to an enema, only the tub goes down through the nose to "irrigate" the intestines from the front back. 

The good news is she IS improving, and the vet said it is not a rock solid impaction.  The bad news is, there goes my computer for now!

I am hoping since I have the car today (which over heated yesterday) I can get out to go cat food shopping!!  But I can't stay away too long, because I have watch her to make sure she doesn't thrash when experiencing intestinal cramping, and I can not go anywhere until I hear from the vet...

I will keep you posted....

See you later,


  1. I feel bad for the poor horse! I hope it "passes"
    quickly. Sending prayers you way, Janie. xo,

  2. Praying for your horse, after reading a school book I even know what a Morgan is!

  3. Oh thank you ...She still is not good. she DID pass one cow patty manure VERY small. About 11am, but nothing since, and she is only picking at the wet hay being offered (or the oatmeal), so although the vet didn't come today, he just might have to, again, tomorrow!

    I am so tired (he said to offer her a handful of wet hay every 15 minutes...and 3 tablespoons of an oatmeal mash, with about a cup of water mixed in...she is getting very frustrated and should be very hungry but so far she is picking (and still not drinking) we will see what happens to tomorrow..

    Justin Morgan Had A Horse? Is that the book Kristal? One of her ancestors was used in the Disney Movie. That is the line of Morgans she is. The old (original) style, not the show style.

    I will let you all know how she is tomorrow...
    Thank you guys!

  4. Praying for you and sending warm wishes your way! Xoxoxo