Wednesday, September 7, 2011

An Adorable Blog....And The End of Summer...More Rain! NEW EGGS!

Although there is still an official week left to summer, it looks like it is over.....

Rain again on LI.....will it ever end?  As annoying as it is for us, my heart goes out to Upstate NY and NJ, where it is raining even harder there it is here, right over the areas previously flooded by Irene...So pray for them!  And there are also some new power outages here on LI......( not here so far though....whew!)

My garden is done...  Mainly because of the rain (and Irene..she started the end of it).  Some plants might have been salvageable after Irene, but now it is just a wet mess of diseased vines....
I might still get some Jalapenos out of it, and maybe eventually some winter squash, but everything else is literally rotted on the vine!  If it stops and dries out a bit, I might be able to salvage some Zinnias!

So I guess the summer gardening is over.  I do have some pots of greens growing for fall, and I am going to start garlic, but cabbage rotted in the ground..and only a few Broccoli Raabs are left.  

On the bright side?  I found TWO new small fresh eggs!  Pale blue in color....always a treat, no matter how many times you do it, to find new eggs...Now I REALLY wish I had pictures for this space! 

So even thought the older hens and rooster are now molting, the new babies are just starting to lay...
The rooster looks very "sorry" indeed..he looks like a drowned rat!  And with no tail, he seems to cower to the chickens...I guess the tail to the rooster is something special about his manhood!  Haha..I always thought that was funny..even the meanest roosters become "chickens" ( pun intended) when they loose their tails..!!

Now about this blog.... I found-actually two.  I  first found Space For Inspiration ...amazing pics..she is off for a while, but left blogs to check out, the one below is one of them. (check Space For Inspiration too for her amazing "Food for Thought" and beautiful photography)

This blog is so cute!!  Need a pick me up?  Or a good laugh?

It is done by; Inhae Renee Lee.  An artist living in Berkley CA.  This girl sounds absolutely adorable!  Kids will LOVE her stories too... Check it out...

Will be back soon..with pictures!!!

See you later,


  1. Sorry about the garden coming to a quick end. Off to check off the blogs!

  2. That's a real shame about your garden, after all the work that went into it!
    Pictures would be great; I'd love to see those blue eggs.

  3. Kristal, let me know what you think of the cute little blog.

    Karen (and Kristal) Yeah..well.. we did get some things from it. I can't complain, it was really small this year. When it's small if you lose, you lose big time. I have been making it smaller and smaller each year, because we are always thinking of moving, and also we are losing more and more sun each year..pretty soon all I will be able to grow is early spring crops here! Even if I cut down MY trees, the ones in the park next to us tower over us to the west...(and neighbors to the south and not much control there..)
    Not to worry it will happen eventually (a bigger brighter garden that is..and the PICTURES!)

  4. It's so nice to visit you and learn more about you and your quest! Thanks for the links to these special blogs, too! I hope you'll stop by and visit me again soon! Hugs! ♥

  5. Oh I will, I Love your blog...