Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Sky That Morning........


                                             The sky that morning 10 years ago, was a clear cloudless sky. 

It woke us from our slumbered sleep to remind us we are not the only ones here sharing this space.  We are indeed a family.


Today, ten years later, we have the same cloudless sky here in NY, to remember the innocent lost, and the innocence lost. 

We need to stay ever vigilant that there are ones that don't want to share our space, and we need to learn to work together as neighbors, as one family in suffering, and in joy, in good times and in bad times.

See you later,


  1. Warm wishes to you, from one of your northern neighbours. Our countries have strong ties to each other.

  2. Thinking of you and everyone in the the metropolitan NY area today....yes, do you remember how blue the sky was that day, with all the papers blowing around?? I still can't believe it. Thanks for stopping by today~ xxoo A

  3. Visiting here to thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog.

    I remember it being so surreal that morning (here in the south, in Central time zone, so it was morning here), and wondering if this was how Pearl Harbor felt. And then the stillness of the skies over the following days -- how quiet it was with no airplanes.