Saturday, September 24, 2011

OK...Don't Yell At Me.....Laptops and A Really Good Blog...

Ok..Where I got the Laptop..

I was going to wait until I had a picture to go with it but I am dragging my feet.....well...just having too much fun going back and forth with my sister!!  AND having a hard time getting the Laptop compatible with the camera! (It is not loading all the pictures at wants to load them one at a time, and they are mixed with my son's pics which I really don't need).  There are many pics on the camera, and I just don't want to go through them one at a will have figure it out...

BUT  I just had to add this cool site I found.  It has great photography, and yummy recipes...Kevin and Amanda.  The recipes are so good, and the latest post is New York City At Night, and the photography (I may be prejudiced) are to die for...

I personally think NYC is one of the must beautiful Cities I have ever seen, and we have seen quite a few in this country...

And Oh! The Laptop!  We got a delivery from Fed Exs..and I am thinking it is for my son.  Then I see "Dell", on the box and I am thinking. "who got a Dell?"  (But my son has Alienware which is from the Dell company)  

So I asked if it was for my oldest?  Because I know "I" didn't order anything...And my youngest says, "No, it's for you!"

My sister bought me a Laptop!  She knew we wanted one, and she knew we needed a roof and the Laptop was getting pushed way back down the the list..   And BOTH my sons knew it..and have been jumping up every time they heard a truck near I know why!  I LOVE surprises!

The reason I wanted one was especially because of the last hurricane we had.  We had no power, no phone, and no car!  For three and a half days! And I had mentioned to the boys if we ever had to evacuate because of a bad storm, I would like to have a Laptop in the car, so we cold connect to people.   And this week we were able to test it out when we lost power again, and the lap top 'magically' came right back on when the power went off!  I am so happy!!  We felt so connected!

Would have been SO much better with pictures!!  They will come!

Well, See you later,


  1. I use their site for fun fonts... they make some great ones!

    What a blessing your sister was!

  2. Teri, I Know! I was floored! I have been having so much fun with it, now I have to get down to getting the camera synched with it. Might be able to find some time today to try again...

    Oh Krystal, I kind of thought you might have known about them already...he is really good..