Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Found Another Blog-Dragon Fly Dreams

I found another blog.  On Pinterest.  Dragon Fly Dreams....She does stamping art, as a hobby, and her studio is beautiful...

                                                    Here is a picture of her studio..


                                                          Here is another angle.... a real dream hobby center....which I understand the organization, given what her "day job" is.   She works in nuclear medicine!
                                                          There are many other pictures of the studio on the link-enjoy ...I know there are many out there that will enjoy this.

Have to run now, visiting my sister today....

See you 'round the corner,



  1. what a perfect creative place! wouldn't it be wonderful to have "special place" like that! Have fun with your sister
    Mary x

    1. That is my dream. I always dreamed of a studio of some sort over a garage..or even a small shed converted into a workshop..feminine and artistic and comfortable..ahh dream on...

  2. I'd be happy to have anything in my house that organized!

    1. and me both! That's another dream of be organized..I call it, "creative chaos"..but sometimes I call it, "Organizationally Challenged"!

  3. Oh how I love this studio. She must love working in it. I just wish I were organized like this maybe if I had a space so beautiful I would be. haha
    Thanks for your comment about my plants I bought. I was sick when I read they were not healthy for cats but then so many say that they have them and never had problems. Who knows.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  4. Know..I bet she loves it..I wonder if it would stay that organized if it was mine! and I also think she probably has a very organized mind..(given her work)

    The plants..I have spathiphyllum (peace lilly) I bring in every winter..they are also poisonous to cats too, and mine be=never really bother them..if I see them even near them I make a loud noise and they go away, but mostly they leave them alone.. (I have been bringing them in for more then 10 years) They are sitting in a group all green right on the floor so they could easily reach them..(ps I Love Hydrangeas..I hope mine survived this mild winter!)