Sunday, February 5, 2012

The NY Giants! Good night! Good Game! Sports And Families...


                             They did it!  Had no doubt they would...what a great diversion this was!

I made some snacks...I made some S'more bars for dessert.....I will post that tomorrow..I wasn't even sure how they would turn out but if you like s'mores these are dangerous!

Might not seem like a lot to some..maybe even most...My father came from the country...South Western PA. (Crucible to be exact)

Sports, even if you don't play, are a big part of this country...especially if you COME from the country.  Even high school teams play an important part of the country life....the community...Sports may actually be "glue"..even if you aren't a sports fan...

As a kid I wasn't that interested in sports..I did like running.  (only because it reminded me of horse racing..horses..yum....)  But my father and brother ate sports...Even now, a summer nap with a ball game in the back ground is heaven to me.  Especially on the radio!  And as I grew into a teen, as the games were on TV..ANY game.. I would sit in the living room, as they watched and sketch the players in action for practice.  And the family dog.

Horse racing...  Growing up, this horse crazy kid had to scour the sports section to find racing pictures, just to "see'" a horse, in this very non horsey no horse access community, I grew up in....  I even managed to get a hold of TB racing breeder magazines (I have no idea where I found one, or how I got it)!  Just so I could draw them.  (a brutal sport in that the actual athletes are treated like property, and discarded like garbage if they are not money makers (even now).)

Interestingly, my husband did not like sports.  He never watched any kind of sports in the 25 years we were married.  He did play soft ball with friends now and then at picnics, but never watched it on TV.  Me?  I LOVED the Olympics and watched every between doing what I had to do or go where I had to go with the family....(summer AND winter..) My 2 sons probably trying to figure out why???  Because since their father didn't like sports, neither do they.  Is that weird?  I LONGED for a game of catch with a mitt in the front yard.   I used to play catch with my brother, in the front yard, so he could practice for Little League!...But now I can watch baseball, and football, and if I want to, even basketball  (which I Loved to go see in High School, although not so much now..but I DO like the Harlem Globe Trotters..and now they even have a WOMAN on the team I hear!)  

Does this fall under the heading of "be careful what you wish for?".. I hope not..I hope it falls under the heading of women who put themselves aside (although that might not always be a good thing) for their families, because really, our families are the most important thing...families are what make up communities..even countries... Never mind the husband who likes sports, and their wives don't...but thats a whole other story...I am not talking about the husband (or wife) who excludes the family from what they do.)

But for me..sports are home..a family get together just doesn't seem the same without a game droning in the background...

It might be different for you and your family....whatever helps you all grow...and thats ok too..whatever is good for your family, is what is right to do...

But for today...tonight....for me...was a night of peace for me.....a respite from worries, or sadness...or even what I just "have" to do next...

And that the Giants won!  Was icing on the cake!

So from my picture's some thing blue for Big Blue...although is kind of violet....

See ya later,  have a great night...



  1. Girl, this would be where we differ. The only time I enjoyed football, (after high school) was early in my marriage, when I would get a back rub during the game. My family, including my Daughter, love sports. For me it's just a great time to take a nap, or find something else to do. I guess I take after my Dad, he wasn't a fan, either... but my Mom was. Go figure!

    1. That's my grandmother was a rabid baseball fan (first the Brooklyn Dodgers then the Mets..she was SO mad when the Dodgers moved) and my grandfather didn't like any sports..except he was a sailor...(if that is a sport..he didn't do it competitively he just liked the water)
      It's funny..even if I am not watching it, but can hear it in another room, or the radio, takes me back to when I was a kid.