Monday, February 27, 2012

Anyone Like Good Beer?

One of my son's friend LOVES beer...better yet he loves pairing beer and wine.

He just started a Beer's called Beer Blog   It is brand new, and he is mostly local...for now, but who knows... here's to launching a dream career...

This is his is about Black Raspberry Lambic...

 (His picture since I don't have black raspberries and they are way harder to grow then red raspberries!)

I think we need more GUYS doing blogs....don't you?  (same as we need more on Pinterest)

See you around the corner,



  1. I've always wished I could acquire a taste for beer. So far, it hasn't happened.

  2. There is a brewery here in Brooklyn aptly called the Brooklyn Brewery that makes artisanal beers like this. I love their chocolate stout beer. Their brew master is a taste artist and your son;s friend may be headed in the same direction.

    1. Hi Pat, I have heard of that one..and we have gotten some of their brews in our local store. Never saw chocolate one..I think one of my sons has been talking about that one though...I saw them highlighted on the Cooking Channel show once..very interesting..

      I thought the same thing about him. Can't hurt to encourage a career right? One of the places he wrote about (although he didn't really cover the beer but his disappointment in a changed menu..he'll learn)- John Harvards, started their business in their parents garage (a brother and sister) I had a long conversation once, with the brother, while there with a friend once, about that. Very exciting.. I Love the Pumpkin Beer.

  3. LOL..Don't want to be the one to encourage anyone to drink, but there is more beer out there then Bud and Coors...or even Heimlech and Samuel Adams... Yes, I suppose it is an acquired taste. But it can be paired with food which, like wine can change (and enhance or improve) the taste.. (good beer you don't have to improve anything)

    I do like beer..I like pairing food and wine or beer. It makes it almost a game.
    I remember when my kids were babies and I read Guiness Stout was good for nursing.. That's when I started experimenting with different beers.. The dark ones are creamy..some are bitter (and desired) but some are smooth. I have a friend who makes his own ( a couple of them actually) so I guess it can be fun for some...

  4. Once in a while it really hits the spot!
    Mary x