Friday, October 22, 2010

Computer trouble still....

I was (in my last post) writing about how the wind wasn't as bad as they said it would be...before I could hit send the wind knocked out the whole house...
I was already having computer trouble with my comnputer and using my son's...
Well it blew out my son's brand new that took a while to replace.. (it was on a surge protector too).

So now I am in the market for a computer..trouble is (what a dilemma!) do I stay with a desk top, or get a laptop...maybe get a lap top and eventually another desk top...choices choices!

MEANWHILE...this has sort of put my search for the "right" camera for me and my uses, on hold...soon..all things in their own good time, right?

I am still in the process of figuring the Blog thing out but that is going to have to wait!


  1. Hang in there Janie! I know what computer and camera troubles feel like as over the years I've had my share of both problems. I presently have a lap top computer and enjoy the convenience of its mobility. It took a little time to get used to using it's touch pad instead of a mouse. Lot's of people like a good "point and shot" camera -- Cannon makes on. My first blog camera was a Cannon Power Shot.
    Thanks for your commnet on my blog --I hope you continue to keep in touch!

  2. Thanks Pat,

    I have been looking at the Canon Power looks pretty good. I am trying to get used to the Windows 7 version, I hear that is an improvement too, but it is different. The old computer I was on was so antique that anything new is going to take a while to figure out. I have to learn about the photo settings on this one. (it is an HP, and we have had HP printers but never an HP computer.)

    I Love your Blog...