Saturday, October 30, 2010

Today's the Day....And Signs of Fall

I am off to the computer store, today, to see about my computer .....YAH!!!  (if all goes well!)

It is a crisp cool morning on LI, NY, and many leaves are now down because of the wind yesterday. (and we will get more today I hear)   And although we are surrounded by tall (some well over 80') Oaks, some of which hold their leaves until spring, the fall has been kind of subdued, brownish and many leaves are already off the trees without even reaching their peak normal color...  I thought it might be that way this year, because of the heat and dryness of the past summer...

"Past summer"....sounds so far in the distance already!

I snapped some pictures yesterday although I probably won't get them on right away.  A subdued fall indeed...and hey!  I found violets in the lawn!  VIOLETS in the end of October!!  Always interesting to see what will be next!

It was a crazy busy week, and I didn't even get to cook the Tuesday with Dorie recipe.  It was an Apple Pie.  I like apples, my oldest son LOVES apples..but when I make something with apples it HAS to be my mothers Apple that is what I will do this weekend...The Fr Fri with Dorie is an Apple I think I will have to do that one later on in the's not even winter yet and I am already gaining weight!

A flock of geese just flew over outside my window.  I know many consider them a nuisance, but I will never tire of hearing them call to each other as they fly over in their amazing formations...and it saddens me when I hear of some of the ways they plan on reducing the population. They mate for life, and if a mate dies, after a mourning period, and I am sure depending on age, they might mate again eventually...   It is only because of US, closing in on THEIR territory, feeding them in the winter, and combined with the changing climate, that they choose to not leave as they once did in the cold months...

But as for me...I Love seeing them fly over..and hearing the wind beneath their wings....

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