Sunday, October 31, 2010

A New Start...

It is Sunday morning, and I am on the new computer....YAH!!!

I still have to figure out some things and complete the set up.

I am not sure how the photo center works yet, some pics I tried to open opened way too small and could not save (not sure why yet) some opened beautifully...

I have to still retrieve the older pics on the old computer so there is still work to be done.

Speaking of is cloudy right now, and about 52 degrees with no it is pretty nice...the sun is supposed to come out later, and it will be a perfect day for starting to rake leaves.  I say starting because it is not unheard of to have 100 bags, or more of leaves to put out here!  Problem is that they have not all fallen yet..and since, as I have said, some of the oaks don't drop their leaves until spring, and others drop them a little at a time through the winter, it is a never ending job.  The maples are not completely done, but there is ankle deep leaves beneath your feet as you walk through the yard...

For us, we never have that many leaves to put out, because I use them in the garden as leaf mold mulch, for the chickens (our own private recycling plant), and bag some to save for winter so the chickens have something to walk on when it snows.....but it is still work.

I am torn, because I would rather be inside playing with the new computer, but I can't let a good day go for doing outside work..soon enough there will be days that are just too bitter to be out in for long...

So, out to play in the I mean work...I didn't even make my apple pie yet.

Come again soon..hope to get some pictures up and favorite blogs listed, that I read..(there are many good blogs out there now....)


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