Sunday, May 8, 2011

A New Eating Healthier Blog...

 You know how it go to one blog site, click on a link that sounds good, then from there you spot something else..soon you forget where you started.

While checking out Presto Pasta Nights, I found Yum in the Tum, and from there found a link for a brand new blog about someone (Kam Jo) who is determined to learn more about cooking, shopping less in the grocery store, and eating healthier.

She is on an adventure.  So I am going to follow to see where she goes.  And, even though it feels like I have been doing this forever, learn something new on the way..there's ALWAYS room for improvement.


Check out Yum in the Tum too..Allie is Kam Jo's mentor in this adventure.....her goal is to spend less (time and money in the grocery store) and WASTE nothing!


Enjoy your is beautiful here!



  1. Hi Janie!

    Happy Mother's Day!

    I will look at the blogs you recommend as it's always good to learn more about healthier eating.

  2. They are of them JUST started her blog.

    Young people excite me, because when they latch on to something, or an idea, they are on fire!

    There is always room for improvement in our lives, and always something to learn.

    One of the girls has a ZERO garbage goal. Not sure I can get to zero but reducing garbage is always a good (green) thing.