Saturday, May 14, 2011

Well That's Fixed....Now....

Yay!!  Blogger fixed it's problem...  Now it's Yahoo's turn.

I can't even open my mailbox let alone answer anything.  It all started when they "improved" the mail system.  I had no problems for about one or 2 days after I switched to the upgrade.  Then it started giving me trouble.  Not opening mail, jumping off page.  It would crash Mozilla, then when I reopened it, it would put back everything I just deleted or moved.

So I went back back to old mail, and within an hours, now "old" mail box started making today, it won't even open.   BUT at least Blogger back!

I have been so busy planting and re-potting and getting ready to put tomatoes in.  Normally I try to put them in early, even up to a month early.  I prepare jars, for covering small plants at night and if the days are cloudy and cool.  But this year I decided to wait until the "correct" time to plant, which is the end of May.  I am glad I did because this next week is supposed to rain almost all week, with next Thursday and Friday being the heaviest storms. 

Can't wait to have my computer back and my OWN pictures to use again!  These are lifted off Google, and they are about the same size of mine so far.



                                                          Yum...I can't wait.....

I didn't start my own plants (I haven't in a while because there is just no windows or sills big enough for starting tender plants.  I did start my own when we first moved here, but we then had a small "green house" type set up, off a kitchen window.  When the deck became old and unsafe, my husband took it down, and that was the end of starting plants inside.  I miss that because when you start your own, you can pick the varieties you want.  This year I ordered plants form The Cooks Garden, and Burpee.  

I did start the Jalapeno peppers, but it was late so they are still small.  Waiting until the last week of May will be good for them.  

The Bridal Wreath are about to open, another favorite of mine, since the early smaller flowered Bridal Wreaths are finished.  

The chicks are getting big.  They start showing tiny wing feathers the first week.  Now the second week their wings look like mini chickens, and they are growing tails...I Love watching this growth...will definitely post pictures when I get my computer back.

I think Spring has been just fine so about you?  

See you later,


  1. Spring weather has been terrible, here in IL and elsewhere. But, as far as spring being a time of a new birth, new beginnings - that is happening.

  2. Yes..actually the start of our spring was slow and cold too..but I don't mind because it just makes it last longer...the birds are returning and it is like sitting in a Arboretum when on the porch...

    This year (so far) we didn't have any abnormal hot days. If I remember correctly it was last year, or the year before, that we hit a 90 degree mark in late April and it withered all the spring flowering trees, bulbs, and shrubs, in a day! So late spring means long spring (to me), and longer to look at the spring trees... Win win right?

    One those spring/summers that are colder then normal? Well, to me it simply means that while the summer veg might not do as well, the spring ones can be grown for a longer period...always have a plan "B"...

  3. I know what a pain! That's WHY I LOVE Wordpress. Hee hee! Spring? DO you mean summer? LOL...ours if morphing quickly!

  4. We have had so much rain this spring no one is planting much... they might float away! {wordpress didn't crash... I'm with Tracy LOL}

  5. It's finally looking like Spring here in Connecticut. Rain and cold ruined first round of crops!.. ugh.

  6. It's been a perfect spring here. Lots of rain but that's what spring is for.


  7. I agree about the rain...We had a beautiful clear week the week before this, so a week off with rain is ok by me. I put almost all my inside plants out on the porch because it is mild enough (I think), so now I can clean the back of the kitchen out and then when it dries out fix the porch...