Thursday, December 29, 2011

Looking Back and Moving Forward....

There have been countless articles written about whether or not looking back is good or bad. 

Whereas dwelling on the past, living in the past, or trying to revive the past, is what many of these articles are pertaining to, I think (IMO) that we need the past to be able to move forward.

Looking back we can see where we might have made mistakes, and where we can improve our lives... and in improving our lives we in some way help improve the lives of those close to us.

 “Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.”
Winston S. Churchill

This quote applies to world history, as well as our own histories.  No one is perfect, everyone has failures and mistakes at times.  Ever have the same thing, or problem, keep happening in your life?  Maybe ti's time to look back and figure out why.

As the calendar is about to change to a new year, many see it as a place for a new beginning.  One can't make a fresh start without looking back, regardless of whether it is the changing of a year, a month, and day or even a decade..


I don't make resolutions at this time, because as most people know, or have tried, seldom do they work.  I do set goals as the days go by, refreshing, or revising, or even discarding, old ones not yet completed, and setting new ones as life goes on, but this time of the year is often thought of as a good point for looking back, over the past year.  

Right now I am planning the garden.   Making plans now so I have a jump on the future.  NOT my biggest project ahead for the next year, but certainly one that can be done ahead so I can work on the bigger plans.   Like the ant in the fall, making plans so the next season is taken care of.

What do you do?  Do you make resolutions, or think over the past year?  Do you make plans for the immediate future or some time in the distant future? 

Gotta run, See you later,


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Winter Everyone...

Officially Winter came in at 12:30am this morning.....(on the East Coast) So far it looks like a mild fall! (rare not to have a half day of winter before the first full day)I have tiny flowers on my Bridal Wreath thinking it is time to come out!

I thought this would be an appropriate song for the first day of winter...memories of winters past.

 This is by Dean Martin-compliments of You Tube...

FINALLY!  My header makes sense......Promise, after the season is done I will try to be good, and figure out my cameras picture program (problem with the camera is it is over used.  Three of us are using it..every time I look for it someone else has it is not a big camera only a small pocket one I bought just for carrying to take pics for the blog!) My work station changed (not for the better) my equipment..lot of changes.. And I never actually seem to have the camera in my hands at the same time I can sit down and use it, OR put pictures on the computer...!  I think we need another camera...

Oh...if you have a few minutes to spare the next time you sit down at your computer...go to Google and type in "let it snow".  Or type in "tilt"...or better yet.."Do A Barrel Roll"

Just for the fun of it....(I am sure your kids already know about them)

See you later-gotta run now,


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's National Ice Cream Day!

Not sure about anyone else but its just not fair that

Number 1 : Its a WEEK day!

And Number 2 : It's too COLD for ice cream....

But I could go for a Black Cow, aka Black and White; aka Rootbeer float

Compliments of The Nibbler

Ingredients Per Serving

• 2 scoops vanilla ice cream
• 1 tablespoon chocolate syrup
• Chilled root beer
Whipped cream
• Maraschino cherry 


1. Scoop ice cream into a tall glass. Add chocolate syrup.
2. Slowly pour root beer over ice cream being careful not to let it foam up over the side of the glass.
3. Garnish with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry—or with a flute cookie, as in the photo. Serve with a straw and a long spoon for the ice cream.

Now this I could go for..

To warm you is a pretty flower in sun colors from earlier this summer...a reminder of what is to come again for certain....

See you later.....Blogger and the Internet itself is making me crazy took over a half hour to load this picture on!   So now off to get busy!

See you later......hope everyone can take a break and enjoy their ice cream today!



Monday, November 21, 2011

Our Woody....and Death...

Pardon my absence right now...we are all adjusting once again...

A week and 2 days ago we put our 16 year old cat in the ground.  We miss him...He was more dog and human then cat.  We have three others (various ages) he was in our family for 16 years.  He sat at my feet when ever I cooked, hoping I'd drop something for him.  (or I should say he was under my feet!) When people went in the den he RAN in and jumped on the back of the couch and said "I am HERE!  Pet me!"...he would demand you pet him, taking his paw and poking at your arm until you did...

He's the one on the right...with another one of our cats..Sugar, who is about 7 years now...this was a bold move by her since the back orf the couch was HIS...

He was found on a wood pile (hence the name) behind the house of a friend who was selling it to move south.  The new owner, another friend, snatched him up (the only one he could catch, out of a litter)  Woody was too busy playing to notice his brothers and sister ran away.  The vet said he was about a month old, and it was probably the first time the mother let them out.  Catching Woody turned out to be a blessing for him.  Before he was a year old he needed eye surgery because the inner eyelid of one of his eyes, was growing closed.  And a short time later he developed chronic bladder problems, also odd for a cat so young.  He would not have lasted very long as a feral cat...he also had a thyroid problem and his fur was fine and long and would tangle into hard mats that had to be cut out.  No matter how much he was brushed, or washed, we would always end up giving him a drastic haircut every shedding season. 

He was a character.  I think he was part dog, part human, and a little cat.  For one thing being so young when we found him, we had to hand feed him.....often....we bought "cat milk" and I fed him so he began to think I was his mother.  He would climb up on me and poke his head under my arm. Well after he was past the "milk" stage..he used to come to me for comfort just like a small child. 

His whole name was Woodrow Kramer.  

                                                                "Woody Kramer". 

When Woody was in a "running" mood, he would run from one end of the house to another..when he got to the kitchen door, in the middle of the house, and where the food was,  he would skid to a sliding stop as he turned and entered into the kitchen, much like Kramer on the Seinfeld show did.  He chased bubbles like prey, and his favorite game was chasing a flashlight beam across the floor and around in circles...sometimes he'd chase his own tail.  I have seen dogs do that, but never a cat. (not an adult cat anyway)

Whenever he got the chance, he made mad dash for the back door if he spied it open a crack, to run outside.   He'd get on the small deck and stand there wondering what to do next with his "freedom"....then if he saw us coming he'd jump down under it.  (And just like a dog it was usually when we were on our way out the door to go out someplace!)  One time he actually made it around to the front of the house... (hugging the side of the house the whole way) and was only too ready to run in the front door when it was presented open to him..... Our cats are all inside cats.  We have had in/out and outside cats before and we found it expensive and cruel...they know not what trouble they can get into out there!  The cats we have let outside, in our time here, suffered many serious injuries and illnesses because of it.....even though vaccinated... so we keep them all in now.

In the past year, the eye Woody had surgery on started giving him trouble.  It would get runny and gooey, and at times infected, and would drain into his sinuses making him sneeze.. and required constant attention.  I was sure he would have to lose the eye before he died, I know he lost the sight in it, or at the very least the sight in that eye was limited. 

And he was becoming an old man.  He would sit on the back of the couch and settle in to take an afternoon nap.  Often going into such a deep sleep he would fall off the couch and then jump up looking around as if to see who pushed him. 

After doing that a few times, he stopped napping on the back of the couch and napped instead, on the chaise lounge.  (Smart of him) But the back of the couch was still his spot..he could look over the whole room like the King of the house he was, and everyone who entered the room had to go past him at one point or another, and he'd reach out and grab you for a pat...

But he never lost his appetite.  Right up until..well..about 3 or 4 days before he died.  About a year ago, I discovered that if I put olive oil on his food not only did he love it, but his coat changed and became less matted, his eye cleared up (if only for small periods at a time) and if we gave him homeopathic viral meds, when his eye started bothering him again,  he would stop sneezing (diagnosesd with feline a CMV type of virus..not Herpies 1 that causes sores) and his eye would clear up again.  Less hairballs too.  A problem, especially, for long haired cats.

Over the past 3 months or so I noticed changes in him.  I told my sons I was not sure we would have him much longer.  Then over the period of 2 days he went rapidly down hill.  The last night he kept walking from kitchen to his spot by the food (his station), to the bathroom where the litter was.  Very very slowly at first, and then very weakly.  Finally around midnight he went into the bathroom and laid down by the litter box.  He would gently meow and I would go in and pet him, and he would get quiet.  At 2 am he let out a louder, but soft, cry and I knew it was his last one.  Over the past week he already felt cold and hard, so I knew the end was near for him.  Still eating but much less then normal.  Less steady on his feet..So I knew he was entering the last stages of death. 

Death is interesting.  So the animals die, so we die.  If you ever get a chance google it..look up the the stages of death.  It is terrifying, and fascinating at the same time. It is what we all have to face sooner or later.  It is what led my sister to became a state health aid to care for the elderly and dying, in State Vet Nursing homes. It is why I would help anyone die at home if I can...according to their wishes..With dignity. 

Funny..I totaly got Dr Kevorkian.  I mean not what he did..helping people commit suicide....(but the thats a whole other topic) but helping them die at home under their own control.   And I find it ironic, no sad, that he died in a hospital.  I hope to be able to go with dignity, at home, when the time comes (which I hope is a long long LONG way off).  The way both my parents did, and my husband...  in my own home, with family near.....My father and my husband both died peacefully....and just let go.  My mother went kicking and screaming....he was worried about what would happen to her house (of all things)..that was her. (made it hard on us but I hope I can make it easier for my family when that time comes...)

This is Woody on the plant table, in the kitchen, pretending he is outside....just caught him coming out...

We buried Woody in the spot he would jump down to off the deck when he escaped.  He's finally outside...

See you later...having camera trouble (soo soon)  so all we have are the pictures that were on the camera before it started acting "funny" here we go again...


Friday, November 11, 2011

Well Lookie Here....FALL!

Well finally got a taste of fall...through OCT (!!!) there was not a hint!!  Now we get color but as previously mentioned most of the leaves were already browning and falling...but better late then never.

SURPRISE!! Pictures!  Working on a header.....which at the rate we are losing the camera it might be the header going into spring!

the most color we have is the Euonymus shrub (Burning Bush above and set on vivid no less!) but we'll take it!  The birds drop seeds all over so we just pick and choose where we want them to stay.  They are all over the neighborhood. I have several on the property and more in pots!  One is trimmed like a Lolly Pop.

Well I wanted to add more-I wanted to add the Burning Bush in the pots because they are the most vivid.. (brilliant red the way it is supposed to be) but Blogger isn't letting me add any more (go figure!) so for now this is it....
See you later..

Maybe I can come back and add some more try

(next to one of my last pots of lettuce)


Monday, November 7, 2011

Heres and Interesting Site....

Its called

Food Gawker

it is a site, similar to pinterest.  It is all food pictures and you click on the picture and are taken to the recipe and contributor...

this page is labeled most popular over the past 7 days

Looks like it might be a good place to g to find a quick recipe....

I MUST not lose that extra hour of sleep..ops I might have already lost it...oh well...

Have a good sleep!
See you later,

Stoppin' By to Say "Hi"...And a Wonderful Moving Chart of the Universe.

Hi....Busy on this fall day, raking and sweeping, and knowing that since the leaves aren't down yet we will have to do it all over agin..maybe even 2 more times! (if you leave it to do all at once, it is an unbelievable huge job..there are just so many leaves!)

 Still working on getting the pictures off this little Powershot.  Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be holding up to our multiple uses!  And doing some very strange hope we can at least find a place to save what is on it before it dies!

While I am here...Who likes Astronomy?  I found this on Stumbleupon...its so cool..I think it would make a nice screen saver (if thats possible!)  I tried to pin it on interest but it said it was too big (since its animated it is a huge program)

Anyway hope you enjoy it.  Makes you realize we are but a pin speck in the grand Universe we live in...

See you later...Take care now..


Monday, October 24, 2011

I LOVE This Blog

I LOVE this blog..she makes me laugh...I need that!

'nuf said.

Gotta run..dinners burning...

see ya later, (maybe I can write more later too)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

MMMMMM...Whats for Lunch? And Who Loves Pinterest!? ME!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE cheese.  There's nothing more warming then a griilled cheese and soup for lunch, in the fall or winter.

I found a site that is all about cheese......  She is a NY baby, from Brooklyn and has all sorts of grilled cheeses sandwiches on her blog called Grilled Cheese Social... And she has some pretty tasty ideas for the warmer months to.

Here's one for a Mexican Grilled Cheese sandwich...yum it looks soo good.

If you like cheese, and especially grilled cheese, give it a try and check out her site..


My boys are in NYC at the ComiCon this weekend, and I am camera-less...but since it FINALLY stopped raining I am going to plant some bulbs for next spring...(It was a toss up between going food shopping or working outside, and I started watching Secretariat while eating lunch so the shopping gets put off until tomorrow...)
But, I am SO addicted to Pinterest, I am not finding time to do much else on line..(at least if I want to get anything else done around the house!)
I always liked "Idea, Dream, Mission, Wish, Vision, whatever you want to call them" boards, and have at times had them on the wall in my room.   And although it makes them visible, sometimes it just doesn't allow for some decorating styles...   I have tried putting my favorite pics in albums but it just doesn't work for me, to not have them right where I can see them... ( like to "see" my "stuff"...I like open shelves or glass front cabs for that reason).
Pinterest is like having them on the wall, so I really do like it...sometimes I just pull up a board and leave it on the computer desktop, so I can come back to it every now and then while I work around the house...How about you..?  Who out there likes Pinterest?

Well?  I better get a move on now....

Talk to you later,

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

R.I.P Steve Jobs

  It was a very sad note tonight. 

Steve Jobs has succumbed to pancreatic cancer, well before his time.  He was only 56 years old.  Yet he worked right up until he couldn't any more.  And whether he is Steve Jobs, or the ordinary school teacher, or house wife, mother, father, or the neighbor down the street, I admire the strength, fortitude and courage, of those who have to fight through a devastating disease like this, and still deliver right up to the end, whatever it is they need to finish, usually for others...

I am sure he didn't feel he was finished by any means, and my heart goes out to his family and close friends.

SOO many people complained, about the new IPhone 5 not being put out, when the public thought it would....KNOWING that he was fighting, for years, this disease, that can kill in a matter of months. 

I don't own any Apple products, although my dream has been for years to someday own a Mac, they are presently out of my price range, but he had a brilliant mind, none the less, and a valuable life was ended too soon.

 Steve Jobs holds up an iPhone at the Apple Worldwide   Developers Conference in San  Francisco in June 2010.

See you later,

Think of all those, tonight, who have lost a friend, or loved one, whether Steve Job's family, or the neighbor down the street...and help them come through this time, as we all have to someday...


Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Love Nooks...

Don't you?  Inside or out...Hooked on houses has a good post on nooks.  They are so cute...

There's all kids of "Nooks".. nooks for books, and nooks for curling up with a good book, and a throw blanket in winter....there outside nooks for summer garden slumber.

We had a Nook like this one growing up, in my parents house, shown in Hooked on houses.

I Love the little doggy nooks on the Hooked on Houses blog. There are nooks for every house, and reason, and every season...

What kind of Nooks do you have?

See you later,

Do You Like To Cook?

I found a really cool site.  It is a video cooking site.  Recipes are really simple video clips.


Check out this recipe for the forbidden white bread!!  (I buy white bread one time a year.  When the tomatoes ripen in the garden... for once a year tomato and mayo sandwiches on white other bread does it... )

But I have a new use, now, for the left over bread after the tomatoes are used up...

He calls them Fried Pinchy Sandwiches.....

Fried PB Pinchy Sandwiches..but you can make them with any filling..I already thought of grilled cheese with jalapeno pepper I have another once a year use for white bread...

Enjoy......He has some good recipes on this blog...

See you later,

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Now Who Can Resist A Blog With A Name Like This!

This is such a nice cooking blog.  She says she has been cooking since 2007, and she is doing a pretty god job of it, I'd say... Love the name of her blog- Eat Cake For Dinner- now who can resist that?

This is a picture of her Crockpot Hot Fudge Cake- looks yummy

It is raining in NY..again..I wanted to take some final pics of the garden but at this point there is nothing left of it!  well..still the Montauk Daisys but they are almost flat from the rain.  I am recharging the camera, so maybe I can get some later...

See you later,

Saturday, September 24, 2011

OK...Don't Yell At Me.....Laptops and A Really Good Blog...

Ok..Where I got the Laptop..

I was going to wait until I had a picture to go with it but I am dragging my feet.....well...just having too much fun going back and forth with my sister!!  AND having a hard time getting the Laptop compatible with the camera! (It is not loading all the pictures at wants to load them one at a time, and they are mixed with my son's pics which I really don't need).  There are many pics on the camera, and I just don't want to go through them one at a will have figure it out...

BUT  I just had to add this cool site I found.  It has great photography, and yummy recipes...Kevin and Amanda.  The recipes are so good, and the latest post is New York City At Night, and the photography (I may be prejudiced) are to die for...

I personally think NYC is one of the must beautiful Cities I have ever seen, and we have seen quite a few in this country...

And Oh! The Laptop!  We got a delivery from Fed Exs..and I am thinking it is for my son.  Then I see "Dell", on the box and I am thinking. "who got a Dell?"  (But my son has Alienware which is from the Dell company)  

So I asked if it was for my oldest?  Because I know "I" didn't order anything...And my youngest says, "No, it's for you!"

My sister bought me a Laptop!  She knew we wanted one, and she knew we needed a roof and the Laptop was getting pushed way back down the the list..   And BOTH my sons knew it..and have been jumping up every time they heard a truck near I know why!  I LOVE surprises!

The reason I wanted one was especially because of the last hurricane we had.  We had no power, no phone, and no car!  For three and a half days! And I had mentioned to the boys if we ever had to evacuate because of a bad storm, I would like to have a Laptop in the car, so we cold connect to people.   And this week we were able to test it out when we lost power again, and the lap top 'magically' came right back on when the power went off!  I am so happy!!  We felt so connected!

Would have been SO much better with pictures!!  They will come!

Well, See you later,

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oh Happy Day!!

 Oh Happy Day!!

I have a laptop!   I will talk about it later..right now I have to get it all loaded on, and up and running....put my camera, and other programs on it..YAH!!!  We also have some company today, so this might take a while..but YAH!!  (can you tell I am happy?!)  The best part is where and how I got it!  Later about that...

This is my first laptop so it is going to take some getting used to for me...

Be back later!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Sky That Morning........


                                             The sky that morning 10 years ago, was a clear cloudless sky. 

It woke us from our slumbered sleep to remind us we are not the only ones here sharing this space.  We are indeed a family.


Today, ten years later, we have the same cloudless sky here in NY, to remember the innocent lost, and the innocence lost. 

We need to stay ever vigilant that there are ones that don't want to share our space, and we need to learn to work together as neighbors, as one family in suffering, and in joy, in good times and in bad times.

See you later,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

An Adorable Blog....And The End of Summer...More Rain! NEW EGGS!

Although there is still an official week left to summer, it looks like it is over.....

Rain again on LI.....will it ever end?  As annoying as it is for us, my heart goes out to Upstate NY and NJ, where it is raining even harder there it is here, right over the areas previously flooded by Irene...So pray for them!  And there are also some new power outages here on LI......( not here so far though....whew!)

My garden is done...  Mainly because of the rain (and Irene..she started the end of it).  Some plants might have been salvageable after Irene, but now it is just a wet mess of diseased vines....
I might still get some Jalapenos out of it, and maybe eventually some winter squash, but everything else is literally rotted on the vine!  If it stops and dries out a bit, I might be able to salvage some Zinnias!

So I guess the summer gardening is over.  I do have some pots of greens growing for fall, and I am going to start garlic, but cabbage rotted in the ground..and only a few Broccoli Raabs are left.  

On the bright side?  I found TWO new small fresh eggs!  Pale blue in color....always a treat, no matter how many times you do it, to find new eggs...Now I REALLY wish I had pictures for this space! 

So even thought the older hens and rooster are now molting, the new babies are just starting to lay...
The rooster looks very "sorry" indeed..he looks like a drowned rat!  And with no tail, he seems to cower to the chickens...I guess the tail to the rooster is something special about his manhood!  Haha..I always thought that was funny..even the meanest roosters become "chickens" ( pun intended) when they loose their tails..!!

Now about this blog.... I found-actually two.  I  first found Space For Inspiration ...amazing pics..she is off for a while, but left blogs to check out, the one below is one of them. (check Space For Inspiration too for her amazing "Food for Thought" and beautiful photography)

This blog is so cute!!  Need a pick me up?  Or a good laugh?

It is done by; Inhae Renee Lee.  An artist living in Berkley CA.  This girl sounds absolutely adorable!  Kids will LOVE her stories too... Check it out...

Will be back soon..with pictures!!!

See you later,

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Joy of Electricity!

It is amazing what we take for grated huh?

We got our power back at about 9 last night. We lost it Sunday at about 2 am.  
It was cute...people stepped out of their houses, in the dark, and started clapping and person set off a few fire crackers..then as the blocks got power down from us (most within about 5 or ten minutes) they would start clapping and cheering and setting off fire was GREAT to hear the quiet when they FINALLY stopped the generators...but I MISS that sky, it was like camping without all the lights to dim the stars!
My sister was off from work on Sunday (she has every other weekend off!  And this one happened when the storm came through) , and my oldest was off too, of course, (even though he was in NJ at the time, and Monday he wasn't supposed to go to work because of the accident..) Small blessings.  So everyone was safe... My youngest son and I worked around the property in the day on Sunday evening after the storm passed and Monday, and read until it was too dark, and played cards by oil lamp light and pillar candles (set on big wide plates!)...Just like camping...I have 4 working oil lamps and it just so happens I just found lamp oil in July and bought it... I set them up on the slate top coffee was like a camp fire...We cooked, and heated water, outside on the charcoal bbq.
After my son came home (an adventure in itself getting from NJ to Long Island), on Monday afternoon, and he helped his friend move to another area, we all relaxed later that night, and took care of business on Tuesday.

The local paper talks about how annoyed people are, that it took so long to get power back...(people have such short memories!) but they did it the right way....hospitals and fire departments, etc, got it first....then they concentrated on sections they could complete, then traffic lights (our main road here was closed off to left turns, because there were no lights) at main intersections, and as far as annoyed people...I didn't see ONE annoyed person.  Not in our area anyway  
Everyone was patient ....we figured it was going to be a lot longer then it was...and people just did clean up, and helped each other where they was pretty pleasant ...and once some started getting power back, in other areas, they shared with the ones who didn't have it yet.
I mean it was a mere inconvenience, in that we are SO spoiled, and used to what we are used to....(I mean lets face internet??   And cells wouldn't put calls through because so many circuits were jammed, they kept saying to text instead, and even texts barely went through) but I heard no one was like a camp ground.
Everyone just did what they had to do...of course if anyone had propane appliances they were fine....stoves AND showers! (ONLY one who complained in the least was the one next door....I asked him if his wife was ok because she has so many health problems and he said she was away, he said... "she was having the time of her life and he got stuck cleaning this all up".   And how he was so bored that he was going to bed so early he was waking up at "unglodly hours"....Haha!!  Hey!  Isn't that how life USED to be??
Yet really there wasn't all that much to clean up, and the last time we lost power (the east coast blackout in 2003) and hurricane Gloria, in 1985, both times we lost power for over a week.....And then we lost about 15 tall (80+') Oaks.  Our neighbor had to run loops around the Island, to find ice for her insulin and get her meds...(because EVERYONE was blacked out-remember?  Whole East coast to Ohio I think it was) it was BETTER she was away!!  (I think he'll figure that out) 
But that's all the annoyance I heard....and that's just him.... and it wasn't really annoyance, just inconvenience..
We have 3 huge bees nest in the ground we already tried once to get rid of them, and now we need more spray...we can't really rake in that area....the neighbor got stung and he said he wasn't even that close to them....I said they are mad they can't get back in...
As I said, my oldest was away at the time of the hurricane (NJ) and got back Monday, and rented a car yesterday (it was the first day he could get out to do it.) of his friends called him (I should say finally got through) to see if he (we) needed anything because we had no cars, or power, and he drove him to hospital to settled all the insurance paper work, and then to rent a car...nice of him...they really are cute kids...

We had no real trees down, just a lot of little branch ends and that's all cleaned up now.  
The wind did a number on my garden...but my well driven tomato stakes are upright!  (if not the plants which show signs of late blight)  And of all the garden plants, or flowers, the garlic chive flowers are standing straight up..they did right through the hurricane and they are covered with bees loving this last burst of blossoms we get every year around this time.  I did take some pictures, but the camera ran out of power and there was no way to recharge it..  So because I didn't have a car, I couldn't get out and about to take any damage pics of other areas, it was cleaned up so fast.... oh well...I was also hoping to be able to drive around and collect wood, but without the cars I couldn't do that so I am hoping there are some tree places that want to get rid of all the wood they DO have.  It was kind of like a forced vacation!

Now we can get back to normal, except for the food in freezers and refrigerators we lost, and has to be replaced, and now I need a car.....that was our only losses.  Small drop in the bucket of what could have been.  Does that push my laptop back farther on down the list?  I sure hope not because it would have been nice to have a laptop!!  But it IS going to probably clean me out between a roof and a car!   (Haha!  And if It takes much longer I might as well just LEAVE the snow pictures up on the header because it'll be that time again!)
And all in all, it was BECAUSE of the urgings of the Governors, Mayors, and area politicians, that made so many people run out and prepared...So news reports can say they over reacted but had they NOT have made their urgings, and it had been worse, they would have complained about that too, not to mention IF they hadn't been so adamant in their urgings, maybe more lives would have been lost.  Gloria had 90 mile an hour winds.  This one (Irene) was downgraded before it hit, and the winds were a "mere" 60-70 mph.  It could have been much, much worse..this is ONLY the start of hurricane season here.

Such is life.... we dig our way out again and again....and we build back up.
Oh one more thought.  I know how sensitive my Lass was, and although she had been through a few tropical storms, I am sure this storm would have caused her some problems, so whats that they say?  Everything happens for a reason... I still miss her and often through the storm looked out at her stall to "check on her"..before I remembered...

Sorry this is so VERY long....hopefully I can work towards getting pictures again!
See you later,

Friday, August 26, 2011

Well NY..Batten Down The Hatches....

To ALL my NY and LI friends...please be safe and stay inside.....

As of this morning they said by the time it hits NY is will probably (unless something changes) be down graded to a category 1, which is good news since the ground is so wet already (8-10" in the past week) they expect a lot of trees (fully leaved) to come down, which means a lot of power the smaller this storm is the better...

AFTER this......AFTER the roof job....AFTER things calm down....I WILL get my laptop and be back in business!!

Number one son had an accident on the way home from work yesterday...he is ok...has a fractured sternum (contusion) and assorted bruises....gets a week off work....but most likely will need a new car.  The car he was driving was old...had no collision on it, and although it still runs, it only drives 30mph now, and no head lights....bad front end damage...we have to think about whether it is worth fixing or letting it go...

I will have to prepare the property for the coming storm Sunday, today, while I tackle the insurance stuff with him.
(he isn't feeling so great right now..I know it will be both of us going back and forth with people on the phone over this all day!)  But he is going away for the weekend (leaving tonight), and if we lose power he won't be able to do the insurance stuff next he needs to do it now...(he should do it now anyway)

Thankfully he is not seriously hurt...and no one else was either (3 cars were involved)

(his BD is Monday!)

WOW!  Earthquake and hurricane in the same week!

so be safe everyone....Talk to you later...


Friday, August 19, 2011

Just a Little Note....

Just a little note to say I am still here!  (On my son's computer...sigh...)

They say when one door closes another opens..I would like to say another has opened!!  But not yet..I expect it soon though!!  Oh the other is sort of swinging open, as things around me change at a rapid pace!! (which changes MY world like it or not!)

Summer is always full of surprises, happy days, sad days and repairs ( and this year mostly repairs!  And the reason why the computer delay is a big one....we need roof!)  Once that is taken care of I can settle down and get back to business...

What's that saying about how...I have plans...lots of plans.....but Life keeps getting in the way!?

Well, so true, so true..hey who's complaining!?  No me!!  I NOW understand why some bloggers take the summer off....I should have just closed shop until the computer comes through!!  Although the events of this whole summer, so far, were totally unplanned!!!

LOTS going on in the garden...lots of shade (too much) and dry weather early on, caused a lack of female flowers on the zucchini!!  NOW I am finally starting to get some female that has been late.  but LOTS of very big tomatoes, and eggplant, and peppers coming, and zinnias are full of colorful blooms, mixed with marigolds (I always have zinnia and marigolds in the veg garden, also I generally add some gladiolas and nasturtium and sweet alyssum...this year I didn't add as much..I need to do a garden bed re-do) ...eventually I will get back on track!!

Until then, have a great rest of the SOON as the roof is taken care of, and I can see where I stand I am back...
(I miss Lass fiercely!!   I miss that part of my IS a whole different lifestyle)

See ya later, 


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

For The Love Of A Horse---Changes....

My dear sweet Lass died Saturday.  (I have pictures on the camera but not on this computer so I will post them once things settle..there are some on older posts here) She just laid down and died.

Ever hear the expression, "healthy as a horse"?  Well, she wasn't that horse.  She looked great (partly that was her breed and her line.  But she was line bred.... as line bred as she could be.  We can see today what that does to different breeds of dogs. She was sick from the time she was a foal.  We kept her alive, and maybe it was so she could do the same for me, at some point.

But Lass was more then a horse.  She came to me just before I contracted Lyme disease.  (which is a whole other story in itself, including misdiagnosis for almost 12 years)

She saw me through some devastating changes in life.  She saw me through severe illness, the loss of my husband, the loss of both my parents and my B-I-L's accident.  She was my best friend, my confidant.  BUT we couldn't ride her.  So she was becoming an expensive pet.  And because of her many, many, health problems (actually had we not bought her, she probably would have died a long long time ago) it was hard to leave her with anyone, and sometimes I was even worried about leaving her in my son's care.  And I LONGED, so many times, to be able to ride her.  I miss riding.  (we did ride her when she was younger, so at least I have that)

Another thing I was constantly worrying about was, if we did have to move, how would I juggle moving her, having everything set up for her, including vet care etc, before we got there, and timed it to have her there the same time as we would arrive, etc etc..which might have included boarding her before final arrangements.  She was not good with change..and any little upset went right to her feet. 

Now normally all these things would not be a problem, for us as humans, or for the horses, but her chronic health problems were such, that a move could possibly kill her, or cause a devastating blow to her health.  And that would most likely happen as soon as we arrived in the new place, so everything had to be ready "just in case"...And that isn't even taking vaccinations into account.  She has not been vaccinated in a few years because every time she was, she foundered (a painful foot disease)  Since she wasn't being ridden with other horses, or transported to riding areas or shows, we opted to not vaccinate her.  She even, in her life, occasionally appeared to be having tiny seizures, when faced with a stressful situation (which by normal standards would not have been stressful!) that were over in a flash.   Moving and having her transported would mean she would need vaccinations.  All these things weighted heavy on my mind almost all the time.

I am considering another horse at some point, but the corral needs some repair and some of the footing in it by the stall needs some work.   I must be crazy, but I miss the work,  I walk outside in the mornings and stand there wondering what I am supposed to do now.  There is nothing more relaxing then starting the day cleaning a stall...

I have to remind myself to check on the chickens through the day, because I always did that when I went to check on Lass.  I have not even been out to the stall since last Saturday.  I have not gone into the back yard, past the middle of the garden..I can't yet. 

I think about people (relationships) I will not have any more.  I won't be seeing the vet if I don't have a horse.  I won't be seeing the hay man...I still need chicken feed, but it comes from a different place, and the farrier and his wife..who also saw me through my husbands loss.  (he lives in Newburg, so it is a trip for him, every 5 weeks, and he told me that he and his wife had considered turning his customers over to another farrier, except for me and Lass, and another customer out on the Island, who has a cottage they stay in when they visit.)  So those people I will not see again unless I get another horse, right away, but even then the farrier may not come down here...he was attached to this girl too.  So it is a loss of my friend Lass, and a loss of a life style.  Having a horse is a life style. 

It is as if my whole life is starting over in a different direction...And not just because of Lass.  So many changes (and losses) have been happening especially over this past year or year and a half or so, for me.  So much of the "old life" has fallen away, some easily, some not so easily, and some have been torn away..but I have to think maybe it is for a reason.   I know I will again have another horse (or even two) but it may not be here.  And if it isn't here, it may take a while..meanwhile...time marches on, and we get older as we breath!!  So we have to see how it all happens..go with the flow I say...

The way she died, lead us to believe she had other things going on.  I believe she may have had some sort of female cancer, which would account for her drastic mood swings, Cushings symptoms, that mysteriously disappeared in the last year and a half of her life, and her constant foot problems.  On the other hand, she did not appear to be losing weight (but that could have been her breed too) and she "looked" in good condition..shiny, dappled, smooth....the past two weeks, however, she was tormented with flies like I never saw before in her 14 years...I told my sister I think she was "walking dead"...already.

And I know she stayed alive through the night to say goodbye.  She had been improving (for what we were treating her for) and the vet and I had great hopes for her.  She came over to the fence after calling to me, in the morning.  I gave her some wet hay to nibble on, (she refused oat meal which is a bad sign) I cleaned off her feet, and she went and stood by her stall.  After I left her she went and laid down on the dry cool dirt in front of her stall.  I stepped outside to make sure she was ok, and she popped up and called  to me, and got up.  I went to her, she moved to the side of the stall, but refused more hay.  I petted her and talked to her and sprayed her and rubbed some fly spray on her face with my hands, and told her I would be back in a little while, and walked back to the house.  When I left she went back to the front of the stall, laid down, and didn't move.  I went outside to call her, and she didn't answer.  Not even her ears moved.  I had a feeling.  And I was correct.  She was already crying out, no movement, she was just gone.

I have much to process.  Life is about change (they say, and so we know from experience). If nothing else, Life is dynamic...

See you later,

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Beautiful Lass...

Just a brief note to let everyone know, my beautiful Lass passed away Satrday mornng.

It is a mystery, a shock, even to the vet (she was improving).  She just laid down and died, right after we talked in the morning.

I am still trying to process this, and figure out what to do with my time now...and how to replace some of the relationships with people I won't be seeing any more.

Will talk later,


Friday, July 15, 2011

Stll Here!!

Just a quick note to let anyone who might stop by I am still here...

This has been the week know.

My son's car died, and he was using mine when he wasn't getitng a ride to work from friends...thats ok..we have dealt with that before...

Another thing we have dealt with before, but not in about ..oh, 11 years or severe colic. (that's in the horse, we're not talking babies here!)

Our horse has a metabolic condition.  She does colic if the hay is just not "right"..She is very sensitive.  But after a serious bout of severe colic when she was 3, she has suffered occasional gas colics (you know that hurts..multiply but a horse has about 100 feet of that hurts!) but nothing serious..until now.

She is 14 now, which in horse year, and especially for her breed (an old style Morgan) they can reach 35-40 years! So she is relatively young..although with her problems, she might not make it that long...

BUT she is dealing with an impaction right now.  Has not passed manure for almost 4 days!!  The vet is making daily visits to give her, I guess what would be comparable to an enema, only the tub goes down through the nose to "irrigate" the intestines from the front back. 

The good news is she IS improving, and the vet said it is not a rock solid impaction.  The bad news is, there goes my computer for now!

I am hoping since I have the car today (which over heated yesterday) I can get out to go cat food shopping!!  But I can't stay away too long, because I have watch her to make sure she doesn't thrash when experiencing intestinal cramping, and I can not go anywhere until I hear from the vet...

I will keep you posted....

See you later,

Friday, July 8, 2011

Oh My Goodness! It's Been So Long!

 I haven't written in so long!  I am frustrated.  I want my computer back!  I have a little Power Shot camera full of pictures!

I think I am going to have to spring for a laptop, but that will still take a few weeks to do.  We have a cesspool line clog right now, and are trying to unclog it without having to call someone..I think it is isn't a solid clog (thank goodness) but it will take time.  And the cost of additives.

The garden is taking up most of the time.  I tend to plant very closely (Intensive Gardening to say the least!) and when it is hot and steamy it becomes like a jungle!   And of course when you get to what you think is "the end" you have to turn around and start all over again!   I am always thinking and planning for new containers to plant things in, because I am running out of room.  And I think this fall I will plan on making some mini ponds, for the patio, if not late this summer, for next year... 

Besides the favorites I try to grow every year, I try to grow one new thing I never grew before.  So the list of "favorites" tends to grow!  Which means I run out of room eventually!   My grandfather would grow one thing he wanted to try and I would grow something else..we always traded surplus harvests..that was nice.  One year I grew a bed of wheat.  Just to watch it wave in the breeze in it's golden goodness.......

Of course I didn't get much out of it, but I did get enough grains and flour for several loaves of bread.  And it was fun.  Another time I grew mustard..and spent the next 3 years trying to get it out of the garden!  The dirt here is not very good and it is hard to keep fertile..even with mulches, organic fertilizers, and composted manures.  So it has been a challenge to say the least.  

Right now, I am doing battle with a cute little Chipmunk, or maybe it's a whole colony!  And I would like to ring his ( their) neck!  I had to bring all my fall seedlings inside because he keeps digging them out of the pots.  If I end up with any fall veg it will be a miracle!

Another hot steamy and potentially stormy day in Southern NY ..but I think after this we will get a break from humidity and it should be a nice weekend..

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

See ya later,


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mr Goodwill Huntiing......

Has anyone heard about Mr Goodwill Hunting?

He is a thrift-er.  He has been on the Nate Berkus show several times, and he has a great blog.  His whole place is decorated with thrift shop finds and bargains.  I Love his before and after pictures...

Check him out.  He has lots of ideas.  He documents his "finds". 

Looks like we might get some rain today, so it will be a day or surfin' for blogs...hee hee..what fun!

See ya later,

Saturday, June 18, 2011

It is Coming Close to That Time of the Year......

I am referring to canning and preserving our garden harvests (or bulk shopping at the Farmer's Market)

Here is a great site, that has tons of information on it.

Not much to report today.  It is a shopping day for me..trying to catch some sales!

I have some more planting to do..marigolds and more beans and I am starting fall Cole crops soon...
Getting anyone, outside of rip off places, to check the computer (still waiting!) is like pulling teeth around list of needs (I mean needs..I am down to one pot and one dutch oven!  Good thing it is summer and not much cooking goes one inside!) is growing, and so the fun a new lap top! And camera!  Is getting farther and farther down the list!!

Well, off the "the races" so to speak!

See you later,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ops...Made a Mistake On a Blog Link...

A couple of days ago I wrote about a blog that is an award winning blog about container gardening, and "Life On the Balcony" (apartment living).  There was a project (see it about 3 posts down) about making a wooden pallet into a "garden".  It is a perfect idea for ivy, or trailing plants and I think it would make a great herb garden.

I gave the wrong link!  Please forgive me Fern!  Here is the correct one.  I do hope people check this out, it is such a good idea. (and a great blog)

See ya later,

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm So Bad....More Blogs.

I forgot to mention 2 new blogs I have added to the ever growing list.  Loaded with DIY and decorating projects...

This one is about parties and weddings, but the projects are really nice even if you aren't planning any of these.  There is an excellent tutorial for paper flowers to die for...

See ya Later...

Computer Woes Update and A New Blog (For Me Anyway)

My computer troubles are not over...after all this time, I find out that the store I bought the computer in, is telling me now I might have to send it back to the manufacturer.

Rather then do that, I am thinking of having one of my son's friends just try to save the pics and wipe it clean... However, I am not sure when he can do that, or IF he can.  So I am a bit discouraged to say the least.  (and that is not helping in my current state of mind...another apparent loss in my it time to give up yet?)  So I am considering a lap top, although I was not counting on that extra cost either, especially not knowing what this desktop is going to run me in the long run...

Meanwhile, I am snapping pictures, although who knows what time of year it will be when I can post them!


On the BLOG front, I just found a blog, through IVillage, that has many many DIY projects on it I thought might be interesting...I added her to my already long and growing blog list...

Her name is Fern Richardson.

She has an award winning blog on Container Gardening. (she's adorable too)

The projects are geared towards apartment and city life, but anyone who does any kind of container gardening will Love her I am sure.  She also has some good recipes too.  I already found a project I want to try.

 Post image for How to Turn a Pallet into a Garden
 This is Fern's photo

It is a "Pallet Garden" would be perfect for leaf lettuce and herbs in the summer and fall, in a shady all I have to do is, "go behind the stores shopping", for some pallets...

So I will see you later,

HOT HOT HOT today in NY!! It is 10:30am and already 90!! (struggling to keep the garden alive!  I JUST planted zinnias before this heat!)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

And the Winner Is....


Don't forget we Love you have a bright future before you!  This year was just phenomenal ....

See you later,


So Much Excitment Yesterday on TV.....

Wow yesterday was interesting....

The finale of Dancing With The Stars...the last "battle" with American Idol...and Oprah....

I have to say I was sort of rooting for Kirstie, but I knew Hines was the better dancer.  He went from never dancing before, to being very fluid and he was having fun!!  You give hope to everyone 60 and over...she is still beautiful, sensuous, still has a great sense of humor..and she still has gorgeous short....she is still Kirstie...I hope this launches her next career!

Congratulations!  Kirstie, I hope you keep dancing and I hope you realize how much everyone loves you...

Loved Ralph..that LI NY boy... (of course)

this was a good year...

American Idols......they are the youngest ones ever picked and both from the same music are both winners already (but I DO miss Haley!!  She was unique and also a winner and I am sure this will launch a career for her as well...)

And lastly, it is not goodbye to is "See you later...".  I can not imagine we will not hear from her again..she is a most giving person...

As for me?  It is a beautiful mid-spring day today and I HAVE to so spend it outside in the garden!!

See ya later (Blogger is messing with isn't letting me put pictures where I want OR write where I want!  Boo hoo!)


Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Can See Clearly Now..the Rain is Gone....

 I do believe we are seeing the sun today!  Grass is over our ankles (yuk..wet grass) and it is a perfect in and out sun, to dry a little at a time, and acclimate the newly put outside plants.  Tomorrow a greater chance of rain, then (supposedly) a glorious weekend...Sounds good to me!

(not my cat! "Some day" I'll have my OWN computer back!)

 Off to buy some cat food, and then see what I can do on the porch.  Living next to the wild park, it is like an Arboretum in the mornings (and evenings too). Very nice for sitting on the porch with that first cup of coffee, or afternoon tea, and sometimes, if there's time, a good book... 

See you later,

Monday, May 16, 2011

Rainy Days And Mondays.....

Anyone remember that song?  The Carpenters.  She had a golden voice...

The beginning of a new menu (sorry really falling down on the job here..trying to RE figure out how and what we eat and at the same time save money, so we are eating out of the freezer and cupboards again......yep there really is that much in our huge deep chest freezer)

Weather for this week will force me to stay inside..rain ALL week.  Today being the best day of the week!! 

No work on the outside this week!!  At least until Friday and then again it will be so wet probably can't work outside.  My only hope is the grass isn't knee deep by the time it can be cut!


I am eager to plant tomatoes and peppers and eggplant, squash and beans....and then in another month or two start cabbages and broccoli and other Cole crops for the fall.  But I have to be patient and hope the weather co-operates.  I am considering putting some of the cabbages, etc, in pots this year and see how that works.  Mind you....since I keep think of moving...the garden is smaller then usual...sometimes only small patches of things....I just can't stay out of the dirt...

Some have asked to me, why if we want to move, am I planting a garden....won't I lose it if we move? 

To that I say, it will be a welcome in gift to the new owners if (and when) we move...and maybe an incentive for them to keep a garden going.  They might even want to keep the chickens we have.  But that we'll have to see about, because I am, at the very least, sort of attached to our rooster....and I wouldn't want to separate him from his girls...

So today, we venture out in the drizzle and wet, to do some errands, so we can plan on socking in for the next two (bad) rainy days...

See you later,

NOTE-"borrowed" pictures from Google...


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Well That's Fixed....Now....

Yay!!  Blogger fixed it's problem...  Now it's Yahoo's turn.

I can't even open my mailbox let alone answer anything.  It all started when they "improved" the mail system.  I had no problems for about one or 2 days after I switched to the upgrade.  Then it started giving me trouble.  Not opening mail, jumping off page.  It would crash Mozilla, then when I reopened it, it would put back everything I just deleted or moved.

So I went back back to old mail, and within an hours, now "old" mail box started making today, it won't even open.   BUT at least Blogger back!

I have been so busy planting and re-potting and getting ready to put tomatoes in.  Normally I try to put them in early, even up to a month early.  I prepare jars, for covering small plants at night and if the days are cloudy and cool.  But this year I decided to wait until the "correct" time to plant, which is the end of May.  I am glad I did because this next week is supposed to rain almost all week, with next Thursday and Friday being the heaviest storms. 

Can't wait to have my computer back and my OWN pictures to use again!  These are lifted off Google, and they are about the same size of mine so far.



                                                          Yum...I can't wait.....

I didn't start my own plants (I haven't in a while because there is just no windows or sills big enough for starting tender plants.  I did start my own when we first moved here, but we then had a small "green house" type set up, off a kitchen window.  When the deck became old and unsafe, my husband took it down, and that was the end of starting plants inside.  I miss that because when you start your own, you can pick the varieties you want.  This year I ordered plants form The Cooks Garden, and Burpee.  

I did start the Jalapeno peppers, but it was late so they are still small.  Waiting until the last week of May will be good for them.  

The Bridal Wreath are about to open, another favorite of mine, since the early smaller flowered Bridal Wreaths are finished.  

The chicks are getting big.  They start showing tiny wing feathers the first week.  Now the second week their wings look like mini chickens, and they are growing tails...I Love watching this growth...will definitely post pictures when I get my computer back.

I think Spring has been just fine so about you?  

See you later,

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A New Eating Healthier Blog...

 You know how it go to one blog site, click on a link that sounds good, then from there you spot something else..soon you forget where you started.

While checking out Presto Pasta Nights, I found Yum in the Tum, and from there found a link for a brand new blog about someone (Kam Jo) who is determined to learn more about cooking, shopping less in the grocery store, and eating healthier.

She is on an adventure.  So I am going to follow to see where she goes.  And, even though it feels like I have been doing this forever, learn something new on the way..there's ALWAYS room for improvement.


Check out Yum in the Tum too..Allie is Kam Jo's mentor in this adventure.....her goal is to spend less (time and money in the grocery store) and WASTE nothing!


Enjoy your is beautiful here!


Jackie Cooper Remembered

                                                 September 15, 1922 – May 3, 2011

Most people remember Jackie Cooper (if they do at all) as one of the Little Rascals (Our Gang Comedies)

He was the cute little misunderstood blond boy that had a major crush on the teacher Miss Crabtree.

That seems to be his biggest most remembered role, although he was in many other shows and movies..he served in the Navy during WWII, and he officially retired, at 67 when his, then wife, briefly became sick.   He was in all four of the Chistopher Reeve's Superman movies, as Perry White, the editor.

Jackie Cooper Picture

Much of his adult life, he did character bit parts, and guest appearances...he didn't consider himself to be "conventionally handsome", but I disagree with that!   He spend a lot of his time behind the camera directing shows including M*A*S*H, and White Shadow, for which he won awards.   

My heartfelt sympathies go out to his family.  The loss of any person affects us all, and certainly the loss of one who made an entertaining mark on many people..

See ya later,

Saturday, May 7, 2011

For The Love Of Horses---The Kentucky Derby-good or Bad...?


                                                 Sorry..."borrowed" web pictures...

I lived in Flushing Queens until I was 6 years old.  Since I was 5 years old I was horse crazy.   As a child I crawled on the floor with a scarf in the back of my pants pretending it was a tail.  At 6 we moved to a community just inside the Nassau Co border and there was not a horse to be seen.  (unless you had money and lived on the North Shore of LI)

When I was 11 years I discovered the sports section showed lots of horse pictures, especially around big race dates.  The Kentucky derby being the big one..the start of the Triple Crown of Races.

As I got older I studied horses themselves.....I drew them..studied encyclopedias, took every book out of the library I could take out.  By 14 and 15 I was picking winners...not out of "luck or lucky numbers"...because I was learning the pedigrees, and how they did on previous races...of course I didn't bet on them and no one I knew did either.....and I wouldn't today, but it was fun watching....who doesn't like a good match race (which I am sure is what they are aiming for....that next great match race)

.....Those years were amazing horses...  Silky Sullivan, Tim Tam, Secretariat, Northern Dancer, Seattle Slew....amazing horses...I also studied the horses themselves......Phar Lap, Sea Biscuit..the older ones and the new....for was rumored that Northern Danced had a temper.  And so did (does) his offspring....and Secretariat was a sweet heart.  As was Big Red....the greatest of all....Man 'O War.. I studied all the old greats....and looked for where the new young ones might match (in pedigree or statistics..ahh the innocence of youth) ......I studied the history of the TB where the breed came from...which lead to the Arabian..and eventually other breeds....I tell you I was horse crazy and since TB racing was the ONLY place I could hear about a horse (of the day) that's where I learned.


My "studies" took me to other areas

Training....there ya go... They start training these horses at about 1 1/2 years old.  One and a half YEARS old...BABIES!!  Their legs are not yet developed....their knees haven't closed yet...their feet (inside the hooves) are delicate and not yet "adult" strength...THEN they slap metal shoes on them....with NAILS...and feed them high octane feed....ever get one of those days where you have so much nervous energy you can't sit still..imagine that in a TB....that's what they aim for.

Yes Yes they are bred for speed..they are bred to want to run..and then do..from birth (that doesn't mean their legs are ready to bare weight and race carrying it)   And owners and trainer might say of course they care for the horse... and let me tell you....owners and trainers DO care for them....of course they do...and a good many of them DO Love horses....and especially (for them) the TB...but under it, if they are kept healthy and nurtured they might make them LOTS of money...what happens to a TB when they aren't making money? or break down?

I myself was at Belmont race track at a Breakfast At Belmont, with our family, when a horse shattered it's leg during a workout, right in front of the stands....of course he was put down...immediately..right flopped around (the leg) like a floppy stuffed animal...The jockey held him up lest he fall and they couldn't get him on a truck...the bad news was, we had brought our young son's that morning, for an early morning breakfast...watching the horses work out, and playing in the beautiful play ground....(it IS a beautiful park like place) can you imagine?  A play parents can bring their young children while they "play" the races...anything to attract people!! 

The GOOD news was it just so happened they had to go to the bathroom, so they and my husband were not present...other children were though....and we were right on the rail, so it happened right in front of our eyes........women were crying, children were asking why and what happened....I found myself answering the questions of a little girl next to me, while holding back my shock and sadness because I knew what just happened......I pitied the young woman who at the time was giving the tour and had to explain what just happened...and she it was nothing...

I am is only my opinion.....yes, the horses are definitely cared for, but generally as money makers....that is what they were bred for....many many are put down for minor injuries...or because they aren't breeding what is wanted.

There are 35,000 Thoroughbreds born every many are alive today?  (only 20 made it to qualify for the Kentucky Derby and not even that amount raced today, because one or more were taken out of the race at the last minute due to illness or injury, and at least one in the race was rushed off the the stable to have a leg x-rayed )

In other parts of the world, they start them at far older ages....even 4 and 5 years old....(and some here do the same..they miss out of the 3 year old races here, including the Triple Crown, but live longer more productive years....) and get a good 10 years of racing out them....simply because their bones are ready.  Here they are started as I said, at about 1 1/2 for racing at 2..they last maybe 4 years ..some are extra strong and last a good more years but the majority are only for 4 or 5 years at best.  I don't know about you but that doesn't spell "love of the horse" to me!  (a horses knees don't close until they are 3 - 4 years old. Anyone who knows anything about anatomy, even human, knows the knees are one place they look to verify age)

The Kentucky Derby (and Triple Crown) is a tradition....a test of strength, and stamina, and speed...but today, except for those IN the TB racing industry, it does not have the same for many not generally knowledgeable, or in the industry, it is an excuse for a smaller Marti Gras type party and fancy clothes..and special drinks and food...why do we need an excuse for a party!  And why does it have to be "no holds barred"?  A romantic dream of the next great horse, that will make a movie horse story...and they can say they were there when...sadly not all TB's end life as a happy ending...

I still Love the horse..and I still watch the Kentucky Derby on TV every year, as I have since I was 11...I have never missed one yet...waiting for that next great horse..or a great Triple Crown winner.....not supporting it (monetarily)  and pretending the Industry isn't what it is...

I do not support the TB Racing industry, in any way (or Quarter Horse Racing Industry).  And I know there ARE trainers and owners in it for the horse..hoping they might have the next Secretariat....but I pity the horse that doesn't make the grade...

Hey, I was greeted by Bob Baffert once (he is a trainer), over the back neighbor's father was a big TB trainer for a long time in CA...(he came to visit and waved over the fence as I tended my horse) ...Cool..I always root for his horses...

There is nothing like the grace and beauty of the TB running through a the Arabian he came from...but once has interfered for his own pleasure and gain...

So, I am torn....between the Love of the horse...and an Industry that isn't always there for the benefit of the horse..but the benefit of man...

See you later,