Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hello!! I Haven't Quit! And Learning the New Blogger!

Well hello!

I wish I could say that I was just SOO busy I couldn't blog, but that hasn't been the case.  After a mild winter the WHOLE family came down with a flu-like virus with a bacteria attached that threw us for a loop.  When one of us recovered, we got it back from another went around and around, back and forth, really depleting us.

Once we felt like we were recovering, I noticed my youngest son was coughing none stop.  And I was getting more and more fatigued (I have had a problem with chronic fatigue before, because I had Lyme for over 10 years before it was diagnosed) and fuzzy brained.  Literally at times tripping over my own feet like I was drunk..and never putting two and two together.  You see Lyme affects everyone differently.  For me it was almost all neurological.  But as years go by I noticed the knuckles on my fingers are getting bigger and bigger, then lately being very stiff, and sometimes numb in the morning.  Still, I thought I beat the Lyme.

Lyme Disease is a lot like malaria.  It revisits around the same time you were first infected, symptoms getting weaker and weaker each time..  At first I knew right away when it was back, and would run for a treatment (I lean towards alternative treatments after witnessing countless other who were treated with antibiotics, and faring way worse then me as time went by...) but as time goes by and the symptoms are smaller and smaller you don't notice them until they are BAD...and in this case it never occurred to me that it was Lyme because it's been so long since an episode.  I really, really thought I was done with this Lyme stuff....that makes me nervous... Problem with Lyme is you can't kill it.  It lodges in the base of your brain, and waits until you are weak from something else..then it regains strength.

So I had a treatment today.  My brain is like mush..I can't even think has taken me all day to make a food list, and it still probably isn't right.  I don't know why I bothered.  It's taken me over 2 hours to make this readable...But the treatment affects only last a few days so I expect to be back to relative normal soon, and go back in 3 weeks for another. 

THEN I go on the Blog and find Blogger, like FB, has reformatted everything "for you".... Now I need to learn this!

I am not running off to switch to Word Pres,s or any other Blog least not yet.  I listened to all the talk of panic about FB and was quite panicked myself..about Time Line.  It confused me... Rumors said, "they switch you without warning"  (they haven't), "they "undo" all your privacy settings"  (they haven't), "you have no control" (you have more). 

In fact.. I LIKE FB is even EASIER to make your settings, post pics, check what the public sees if they search for you..monitor posts...and who they go to.

Oh yes, there's SO much drama on FB....  No, there's as much drama as YOU make.  I noticed more and more young ones are leaving FB because of it.  Yet THEY make it by posting every and anything that pops into their brains..meanwhile I have reconnected with cousins in other parts of the country....and friends who have moved.    I have a good many favorite cooking blogs on FB now and I LOVE it...does this mean blogs are done?  Nope...I don't thinks so....I sure don't post things like this on FB..if someone wants to read what I really have to say, read the blog...FB is for connecting..blogs are for blogging...

Meanwhile..while sick as DOGS, all winter and spring..we just found out (at least my youngest son and me) that we have allergies for almost everything around us, and IN the house!  So work is ahead...

Life is about change, and it sure looks like ours is changing BIG time...I don't mind change as long as it isn't TOO fast...and I will post more about changes in upcoming weeks. 

My camera isn't up and running....the garden isn't even started!!  (we got hit with a BIG tax bill this April, and I have MORE to come this year ..then it gets better for us...well not great but better then this year will be... (I rearranged some stuff last year, and I really did know this was coming...not that it will increase anything for me....just make it easier for the boys when know...)

Now!  I need to explore this NEW we'll see how long that takes!   Hopefully Blogger will turn out to be as good, and easy as FB time line turned out to be..if you haven't been switched yet...don't listen to all the hype and scare is like an album..and contains as much or a little as you want...AND we get to keep our home page JUST LIKE IT WAS.. In fact I am having so much fun with it, I am posting MORE public things and then going "pubic" to look at it, then ever before!

Oh well..I can't wait til this Lyme is quiet again, and I can think straight again!

So I have no NEW pics to post  (yet)  so here is an old one from last years garden.. Here's hoping for some sort of garden before to long!

My favorite spring shrub....usually out in early May, has come and gone (this season has been s crazy!  I think most of the "May flowers are done!!)  Hope everything is readable.


See you later (if I ever figure out the NEW Blogger)