Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Quick Post. A Blog to Check Out ...More To Come..Soon I Hope...

This is just a quick post because it has been a whirlwind around here.  First my son's wedding, they are staying here until their place (a small cottage) is ready, and everything is in turmoil.  No place to even move in here!  And constantly on the go..So once the dust settles, I will get back to posting more often and post pictures.

But I was reading this blog this morning, about seasonal eating, and I thought I would put the link up here.

This blog is actually about foraging, but this article is about eating seasonally, and possible dangers that science tells us to be wary of, and why this is sometimes (or most likely) over kill.

I think eating seasonally is probably a good idea, and eating locally is probably not only a good idea but a healthy idea, but I never thought of it in these terms.

If you have a chance, go on over and read the post.  The blog is Eat the Weeds.


Have to go,

See ya later,