Monday, October 24, 2011

I LOVE This Blog

I LOVE this blog..she makes me laugh...I need that!

'nuf said.

Gotta run..dinners burning...

see ya later, (maybe I can write more later too)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

MMMMMM...Whats for Lunch? And Who Loves Pinterest!? ME!

I don't know about you, but I LOVE cheese.  There's nothing more warming then a griilled cheese and soup for lunch, in the fall or winter.

I found a site that is all about cheese......  She is a NY baby, from Brooklyn and has all sorts of grilled cheeses sandwiches on her blog called Grilled Cheese Social... And she has some pretty tasty ideas for the warmer months to.

Here's one for a Mexican Grilled Cheese sandwich...yum it looks soo good.

If you like cheese, and especially grilled cheese, give it a try and check out her site..


My boys are in NYC at the ComiCon this weekend, and I am camera-less...but since it FINALLY stopped raining I am going to plant some bulbs for next spring...(It was a toss up between going food shopping or working outside, and I started watching Secretariat while eating lunch so the shopping gets put off until tomorrow...)
But, I am SO addicted to Pinterest, I am not finding time to do much else on line..(at least if I want to get anything else done around the house!)
I always liked "Idea, Dream, Mission, Wish, Vision, whatever you want to call them" boards, and have at times had them on the wall in my room.   And although it makes them visible, sometimes it just doesn't allow for some decorating styles...   I have tried putting my favorite pics in albums but it just doesn't work for me, to not have them right where I can see them... ( like to "see" my "stuff"...I like open shelves or glass front cabs for that reason).
Pinterest is like having them on the wall, so I really do like it...sometimes I just pull up a board and leave it on the computer desktop, so I can come back to it every now and then while I work around the house...How about you..?  Who out there likes Pinterest?

Well?  I better get a move on now....

Talk to you later,

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

R.I.P Steve Jobs

  It was a very sad note tonight. 

Steve Jobs has succumbed to pancreatic cancer, well before his time.  He was only 56 years old.  Yet he worked right up until he couldn't any more.  And whether he is Steve Jobs, or the ordinary school teacher, or house wife, mother, father, or the neighbor down the street, I admire the strength, fortitude and courage, of those who have to fight through a devastating disease like this, and still deliver right up to the end, whatever it is they need to finish, usually for others...

I am sure he didn't feel he was finished by any means, and my heart goes out to his family and close friends.

SOO many people complained, about the new IPhone 5 not being put out, when the public thought it would....KNOWING that he was fighting, for years, this disease, that can kill in a matter of months. 

I don't own any Apple products, although my dream has been for years to someday own a Mac, they are presently out of my price range, but he had a brilliant mind, none the less, and a valuable life was ended too soon.

 Steve Jobs holds up an iPhone at the Apple Worldwide   Developers Conference in San  Francisco in June 2010.

See you later,

Think of all those, tonight, who have lost a friend, or loved one, whether Steve Job's family, or the neighbor down the street...and help them come through this time, as we all have to someday...


Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Love Nooks...

Don't you?  Inside or out...Hooked on houses has a good post on nooks.  They are so cute...

There's all kids of "Nooks".. nooks for books, and nooks for curling up with a good book, and a throw blanket in winter....there outside nooks for summer garden slumber.

We had a Nook like this one growing up, in my parents house, shown in Hooked on houses.

I Love the little doggy nooks on the Hooked on Houses blog. There are nooks for every house, and reason, and every season...

What kind of Nooks do you have?

See you later,

Do You Like To Cook?

I found a really cool site.  It is a video cooking site.  Recipes are really simple video clips.


Check out this recipe for the forbidden white bread!!  (I buy white bread one time a year.  When the tomatoes ripen in the garden... for once a year tomato and mayo sandwiches on white other bread does it... )

But I have a new use, now, for the left over bread after the tomatoes are used up...

He calls them Fried Pinchy Sandwiches.....

Fried PB Pinchy Sandwiches..but you can make them with any filling..I already thought of grilled cheese with jalapeno pepper I have another once a year use for white bread...

Enjoy......He has some good recipes on this blog...

See you later,