Thursday, September 29, 2011

Now Who Can Resist A Blog With A Name Like This!

This is such a nice cooking blog.  She says she has been cooking since 2007, and she is doing a pretty god job of it, I'd say... Love the name of her blog- Eat Cake For Dinner- now who can resist that?

This is a picture of her Crockpot Hot Fudge Cake- looks yummy

It is raining in NY..again..I wanted to take some final pics of the garden but at this point there is nothing left of it!  well..still the Montauk Daisys but they are almost flat from the rain.  I am recharging the camera, so maybe I can get some later...

See you later,

Saturday, September 24, 2011

OK...Don't Yell At Me.....Laptops and A Really Good Blog...

Ok..Where I got the Laptop..

I was going to wait until I had a picture to go with it but I am dragging my feet.....well...just having too much fun going back and forth with my sister!!  AND having a hard time getting the Laptop compatible with the camera! (It is not loading all the pictures at wants to load them one at a time, and they are mixed with my son's pics which I really don't need).  There are many pics on the camera, and I just don't want to go through them one at a will have figure it out...

BUT  I just had to add this cool site I found.  It has great photography, and yummy recipes...Kevin and Amanda.  The recipes are so good, and the latest post is New York City At Night, and the photography (I may be prejudiced) are to die for...

I personally think NYC is one of the must beautiful Cities I have ever seen, and we have seen quite a few in this country...

And Oh! The Laptop!  We got a delivery from Fed Exs..and I am thinking it is for my son.  Then I see "Dell", on the box and I am thinking. "who got a Dell?"  (But my son has Alienware which is from the Dell company)  

So I asked if it was for my oldest?  Because I know "I" didn't order anything...And my youngest says, "No, it's for you!"

My sister bought me a Laptop!  She knew we wanted one, and she knew we needed a roof and the Laptop was getting pushed way back down the the list..   And BOTH my sons knew it..and have been jumping up every time they heard a truck near I know why!  I LOVE surprises!

The reason I wanted one was especially because of the last hurricane we had.  We had no power, no phone, and no car!  For three and a half days! And I had mentioned to the boys if we ever had to evacuate because of a bad storm, I would like to have a Laptop in the car, so we cold connect to people.   And this week we were able to test it out when we lost power again, and the lap top 'magically' came right back on when the power went off!  I am so happy!!  We felt so connected!

Would have been SO much better with pictures!!  They will come!

Well, See you later,

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oh Happy Day!!

 Oh Happy Day!!

I have a laptop!   I will talk about it later..right now I have to get it all loaded on, and up and running....put my camera, and other programs on it..YAH!!!  We also have some company today, so this might take a while..but YAH!!  (can you tell I am happy?!)  The best part is where and how I got it!  Later about that...

This is my first laptop so it is going to take some getting used to for me...

Be back later!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Sky That Morning........


                                             The sky that morning 10 years ago, was a clear cloudless sky. 

It woke us from our slumbered sleep to remind us we are not the only ones here sharing this space.  We are indeed a family.


Today, ten years later, we have the same cloudless sky here in NY, to remember the innocent lost, and the innocence lost. 

We need to stay ever vigilant that there are ones that don't want to share our space, and we need to learn to work together as neighbors, as one family in suffering, and in joy, in good times and in bad times.

See you later,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

An Adorable Blog....And The End of Summer...More Rain! NEW EGGS!

Although there is still an official week left to summer, it looks like it is over.....

Rain again on LI.....will it ever end?  As annoying as it is for us, my heart goes out to Upstate NY and NJ, where it is raining even harder there it is here, right over the areas previously flooded by Irene...So pray for them!  And there are also some new power outages here on LI......( not here so far though....whew!)

My garden is done...  Mainly because of the rain (and Irene..she started the end of it).  Some plants might have been salvageable after Irene, but now it is just a wet mess of diseased vines....
I might still get some Jalapenos out of it, and maybe eventually some winter squash, but everything else is literally rotted on the vine!  If it stops and dries out a bit, I might be able to salvage some Zinnias!

So I guess the summer gardening is over.  I do have some pots of greens growing for fall, and I am going to start garlic, but cabbage rotted in the ground..and only a few Broccoli Raabs are left.  

On the bright side?  I found TWO new small fresh eggs!  Pale blue in color....always a treat, no matter how many times you do it, to find new eggs...Now I REALLY wish I had pictures for this space! 

So even thought the older hens and rooster are now molting, the new babies are just starting to lay...
The rooster looks very "sorry" indeed..he looks like a drowned rat!  And with no tail, he seems to cower to the chickens...I guess the tail to the rooster is something special about his manhood!  Haha..I always thought that was funny..even the meanest roosters become "chickens" ( pun intended) when they loose their tails..!!

Now about this blog.... I found-actually two.  I  first found Space For Inspiration ...amazing pics..she is off for a while, but left blogs to check out, the one below is one of them. (check Space For Inspiration too for her amazing "Food for Thought" and beautiful photography)

This blog is so cute!!  Need a pick me up?  Or a good laugh?

It is done by; Inhae Renee Lee.  An artist living in Berkley CA.  This girl sounds absolutely adorable!  Kids will LOVE her stories too... Check it out...

Will be back soon..with pictures!!!

See you later,