Monday, December 13, 2010

Busy day before the cold....

It is a busy day for me.  I need to take care of some of the outside chores left before it gets cold tonight...and do all the laundry I can, while I can (our drain pipe runs around the back of the house....when it gets too cold, I have to be careful water doesn't freeze in the pipe.) This is January/Feb weather down here on LI!! 

Once I get some of those tasks out of the way I am going to continue my Blog roll moving project.

I have been using My Yahoo for a long time, but I have so many blogs on it that it doesn't always download them I would sign up on email too.  So what I have been doing in the evenings, is moving favorite blogs off My Yahoo and putting them on this blog...I may still keep some of the emailing since I get the recipes right to my mailbox.

There are just so many good ones..I Love variety in food..I always husband used to joke that we never ate the same thing twice...but that wasn't always true..I did have to make concessions for favorites, and for the kids favorites...he was a good one to cook for..he was not fussy and would try anything...

These days, my sons are older, and not always now there is less to cook for.  My cousin, Judi, always says she always wanted to open a bakery..I said..sure..a bakery with at least, soups and sandwiches...maybe small casseroles...but she is WAY up there in Rochester, and I am WAY down here on LI......and lets face...I am at a stage where I want to relax!!

Probably be back later....


  1. It has always been my dream to open a bakery!! I love CUPCAKES!! Xoxoxo

  2. Me too!....but I am afraid I am not 20 any more....If I could find someplace where I could cook and bake, and someone else do that HARD work, I might do it! haha!