Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hi There!

I'm still here..STILL lookin' for my "True North"  (which I am thinking is everyone's life long search)

I hope to get back to the blog many life changing things have happened I had to let several things go because of the stress.  I am working on some funding some new things-a new camera-a new phone-I am still on my sisters lap top and would LOVE to get another desk top but I think that is going to have to get on the bottom of the list.

I still wonder if we should move (cost wise we should, but there are so many obstacles in the way right now) So I am still waiting for changes (because a move in the middle of what is happening now might NOT be the best move).  I think we will know for sure, between now and the next 2 years...

My poor garden tried to produce BUT there are TWO problems in the way of that.  First and foremost is the lack of sun, so if I am staying here I need to have some trees removed (at $800+ a trees, for the large oaks we are talking about, for a job to be done right, might take a few years, to afford it, so not sure it is worth it, AND since we are right up against the wooded park, there is only so many I can take down..we will still be in deep shade come 3-4pm every day.   AND the other problem "might" be, that I added some organic fertilizer to the garden last fall, and combined with manure, and the deep shade it just might be over fertilized. I got lots of growing and flower buds,  early before the trees leafed out and then it was all down hill...

My stove is going, the wood stove is 26 years old and has a crack on the inside, so I really should replace that too, my dryer is going (although I try to use what sun we have, as much as possible, (right at mid day-that's the most sun..and only for about an hour or 2 before it starts to shade..) but in the winter a dryer helps), we had cesspool troubles this summer..what hasn't happened to this house!

We have been here 26 years and the FIRST thing that happened was the day after we moved in, and woke up I looked out the bedroom window and said to my husband.."We didn't have a hole off the deck yesterday did we?"  (we were busy moving boxes in etc)  Maybe that was a clue to we shouldn't have stayed here.  It has been non-stop ever since... and not one thing at a time happens..several things at a time, so when they start to go again, it is also at the same time!

I am on SS now so it is a little bit more of a help... but I certainly don't want to throw it all away on what I call the "money pit...".

So hopefully with the change of seasons, and life circumstances, we can figure out what to do and find out true place to be... oh even the chickens changed (bad encounter with a raccoon a couple of weeks ago...sigh..)

We head into fall, and it feels a lot more like November than October..but....we got off easy last year.

I certainly DO like our location even if the house is a challenge!  So wherever we go, it has to be as good (TONS of migrating birds, spring and fall) or better... and certainly zoned for horses and/or farm animals.  If I can find a place that is less expensive (and I NOW they are out there) I might be able  to get another horse (or 2....)  I won't give up my chickens either!  And I am not giving up my search...if it takes til I am 100 I am finding where I belong... I am, fortunately,and still active,  in good health, so I keep trucking on...

Love all..see later, (HAVE to find time to work on the blog and do some updating but I need a chunk of time to do that!)



  1. Hubby is set to retire in about 100 days. I'm sure that's when everything that hasn't fallen apart, will choose to do it.