Saturday, March 12, 2011

All In A Day's Work

It was nice and sunny this morning, but I didn't have a camera with me.

I snapped some pictures later on.   Of snowdrops and crocus.  Finally!  I am missing quite a few of them.  Of the yellow crocus which used to be quite a patch I see 2 bulbs made it.  ONE purple one in the cactus, that is just peeking out of the ground-no flower yet.....and a handful of snow drops where they're used to be quite a LARGE clump of looks like this fall I will be planting (if we aren't moving on by then)

The sun being clouded over, of course the crocus weren't open any more...

My camera is focusing on the ground even with the macro setting...if I back off more the flower is barely noticeable...



                                           An hours worth of work taking "some" of the leaf cover off the daffodils that are left and emerging daylillies, I don't want to take too much off yet, it is still cold.  And it is not unheard of to have a fairly big snow storm even in the end of march or beginning of April...although they are generally short lived.  (I am just getting antsy for spring!) This front corner of the yard by the driveway used to be a garden.  But in the past year I have moved most of the plants in it, and will probably let it grass over this year with a few daffodils coming up through it.  I also left a strip of daylilies next to the driveway and a row of Hostas.

I got one full bag of twigs and branches (that I broke into pieces and will use this summer in the BBQ grill.  And a pile of leaves..only a small small corner of the yard (and the front is much smaller then the back) is started. Easy does it, a little at a time...

Off to make a snack and read the mail.

See you later,


  1. We have many daffodils up right now. So glad to see them.

  2. I'm on a hunt for my spring buds emerging this week... snow is gone, hopefully for good!