Tuesday, March 1, 2011

MARCH...is here!

                                           "March is the month of expectation,
                                            The things we do not know,
                                            The Persons of Prognostication
                                            Are coming now.
                                           We try to sham becoming firmness,
                                            But pompous joy
                                            Betrays us, as his first betrothal
                                            Betrays a boy."

                                         -  Emily Dickinson, XLVIII

And ya know what?  I JUST commented to one of my son's last night that for whatever reason (must be attitude?) I do not feel like this was a "forever winter",  like a lot of others do, despite all the snow and shoveling and clogged roads..etc...and I don't know why..and I almost think I will miss the snow... 

It seems like it "felt" long....but really, it was only as long as it was supposed to be.

It DID seem to start earlier (earlier snow falls) than usual, but to me..winter is a rainbow of color in the snow covered ground, and black/brown branches against a blue sky. (even if those days are only far and few between)

This is not to say I am not looking forward to Spring, and the garden and the flowers...

March is the "clean-up" month...

The month of walking the property and picking up branches.  The month or peeking under wet leaves to find spring bulbs (unfortunately for me I think a lot of mine died this winter)

The month of God's tree trimming"....winds and changeable weather as it lets go of winter, almost painfully, and transitions into Spring.

I Love each season for it's own beauty.....much like how I feel about all the differences in peoples of the whole world...

See you later,



  1. Have have birds singing outside my window right now, the trees are in bloom and the clean was done weeks ago! I AM not missing winter. Hee hee!

  2. We started on a few of those clean up chores here at our farm this past weekend. I am so looking forward to spring.

  3. Me too! Spring is one of my favorite seasons! Nineteen more days!! Of course ...not to get ahead of ourselves..at least here in this region...March can be pretty fierce...one day at a time...don't want to rush things ...

    Since we live by a natural park with no development and close to the coast, we have lots of birds come through spring and fall..I am looking forward to that...

  4. Janie, I love this post. We're in Autumn now, and I've been reading lovely Autumn quotes. I love all the seasons, but Autumn and Spring are my favourites.

    Lisa x

  5. I Love Autumn too. It is so fresh and colorful in it's own way. I like summer too..but only if I have all the most needed work done so I can just enjoy bit..(kind of like preparing for the winter)
    On a different note...Do you like Donna Hay? I love her...It is hard to find her magazine here (and expensive) ..I have a couple of her cook books..Love them...