Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Day Late But Here It Is None The Less....This Weeks Menu

Yesterday found me so busy I forgot to post the week menu.

Of course with the weather lightening up there is more to do outside, so I just lost track of time....

Thoughts turn to warmer weather and lighter meals...(but not quite yet) also faster meals so one can DO the work needed outside... I have many errands to run today and possibly tomorrow also.

I am posting in no particular order because who knows what the days will bring...

1-English muffin pizzas

2-Hamburgers, french fries (home fries), and cole slaw

3-Freezer ready (homemade) stuffed shells (the last of them)

4-PAD THAI WITH CHICKEN (and veg that do not normally go into this dish but some a Philippine friend used to make it healthier) (I didn't make this last week because our schedule got turned around so it's back on this week with left over shredded chicken)

5-Tuna Sandwich with red onion

6-Wild caught Salmon if I can find it-I think I might make a Greek salad with this

7-Slow Cooker Chicken Stroganoff (saute pearl onions and mushroom, and garlic, and 1" pieces of carrot. Make a cream sauce, and toss in the sauteed veg.  Cube chicken to 1/2 to 1" pieces, and place in the slow cooker.  Add the veg and cream sauce.  Cook low 6-7 hours or high 3-3 1/2hours)
When time is finished, add 1 container of sour cream (light or regular) and stir.  serve with cooked noodles and a green salad..easy dinner on a busy day...

Last week I wanted to make a salad with dinner but had no lettuce.  All I had left was carrots.  So I shredded them, and added crumbled feta..it went over really really big.  I made a vinaigrette to go with it, and my oldest had his with Ranch..(he puts Ranch on everything...it's his Ketchup)

I plan on making some Irish Soda bread this week, to go with a meal or 2.  REAL Irish soda bread is generally white flour (not dark although they do make it with whole wheat sometimes too) with no caraway or raisins.  It is a plain white soda bread they use at the table with dinner.

And am also looking for a good brisket to corn some beef.  It will take longer then a couple of week so it will be a "belated Irish treat..." (I am not Irish, but my son's have Irish on their father's side...so for them...)

See you later,


  1. I made a brisket one year... so much work but so good. Tuna Sandwich sounds so good!

  2. We haven't had tuna in a while. I was making it with lemon and garlic and pasta (and Parmesan for a change). But I like a good tuna sandwich (although I'd never buy one out!)

  3. Brisket is easy to make in the oven. My S-I-L's mother used to sprinkle onion soup mix on it (I use chopped onions and some bullion cube broken up when I do it this way) and close it in a foil pouch and bake it slow in the over..that's pretty good too.
    Corned beef takes long because it has to cure and marinate for upwards of 2 weeks...but it is good. I don't think I used the pink salt with it,(sodium nitrate) because I couldn't find it and it tasted fine to me..and was probably healthier...

  4. We've been making English muffin pizzas too. They are so good and easy to put together. Happy St. Patty's day.

  5. Sam, sometimes I make them on Italian bread too...I think the way we like them best is on the pocket-less pitas.

  6. I like making my own pastrami and corned beef...it does take a lot of patience though!