Monday, March 28, 2011

OK...I am On And It's A Miracle!!

 I am on the computer!  Remember I was having computer trouble and we thought it was fixed?  Well, I couldn't even get ON yesterday at kept crashing!!  And today it has crashed (so far) 3 times since I booted it up.  And ran 2 diagnostics... (I am pretty sure it is a internal computer problem with the we'll see what happens)

I can not take it anywhere to be looked at, until (I HOPE!) Thursday!! 

SO if you don't hear from me, I an off line maybe without a computer!! 

I will get on when I can, but Saturdays post was interrupted about 4 times before I could finally get it what I am hoping to do while "incommunicado", is LOTS of early spring work shouldn't BE "early" spring work, but it feels like it!!  Hopefully I can take pictures as I go along...

See you later, (I hope)


  1. Hi Janie! And SNAP on the spring work outside - I started yesterday :)

    Good luck with your computer!

  2. Sorry to hear about the computer. I hate it when mine acts up.

  3. I hope you are back soon. Good luck with the computer issues.