Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Blustery Chilly Day To Reminds Us.....

It is still March!  After 72 degrees yesterday we get March back.  I hear we might get some wet snow this coming week..maybe it is our onion more to go right?

If we do get snow..any snow, it is most likely the Onion Snow.  The Onion Snow is commonly known by farmers as the snow that comes around the time you plant onions.  Cool huh?

                                                       It usually looks like this

A reminder that it is still March.

As a side note-I changed my profile picture and put a real one for a change...

We have had computer trouble all day, not even being able to connect to the Internet all morning.  After working with Tech for a long time, we finally are connecting..but my computer just crashed continuing story!!

Bye for now,
See you later,


  1. I have never heard it called an onion snow. Pretty cool!

  2. Computers are a pain, they have a mind of their own. Sometimes hate them, but gotta have one.

  3. Nice to "see" you!

  4. About time huh Kristal?

    There is also one later in April...even less known..called the "Lettuce" snow..usually it is just a few flurries or a dusting, around the time lettuce is planted...

    How did we EVER get along without computers..(and cell phones too, although I don't really rely on mine that much ....but some do! It has come in handy at times...)