Friday, March 11, 2011

My Oh My...So Behind!! So much Trouble in the World...

Well after being in for almost 2 weeks with the Flu...and then this week running many many "catch-up" errands and appointments, I am SO behind on inside work!! 

It is too wet to go outside and pick up sticks..the first job I think to be I am inside plants ACHE to be outside but it is way too early...I have a lot of re-potting to do and trimming and rejuvenating ...yikes..will I ever be able to get this place ready to move??? And is this the WORST possible time to think about that in this area?!

My cousin Upstate NY (Rochester) sold her house, and is looking for another.  She sends me pictures of what she is looking at.  Some of the yards are soo nice (potentially that is) and I can see plans in my head..what I'd do if they were mine.  Isn't it funny how you can picture what to do someplace else but not your own?  Kind of like seeing other people's "problems" but you over look yours....."What me?  Problems? No way!"...
The problem with our yard, is it is now in such deep shade that I am planting (or longing) for planting in sun....and it is just not growing. I really want to replan and plant in a place where someone else might come in and do it "their" way!?  So I plan for low maintenance over beauty and desire (for me anyway) and my worst "fear" is we end up staying here and I have to do the yard all over again..for me... 

I am also way, way behind in computer and email work, so I have a LOT to do.  I haven't even been cooking regularly!  I want to get started again doing the FFWD (Dorie Greenspan's French cook book done of Friday) and her From My House to Yours baking book, on Tuesdays (I really needed a break from baking sweet stuff....I am working on sour dough loaf today)

And right now, my thoughts and heart go out to the country of Japan, and hopefully everything works out for the best.  Although I am not sure what could be "best" about this situation....Even Tokyo looks devastated...they are still getting after shocks, roads and trains are closed down, and of course MUCH communication is shut off...

The news said so far no Amercians have been injured, but it is early...and totals come in much, much of homes and buildings being swept down flood rivers and crashing into the sides of a dam are not pretty, and you can not imagine if anyone was in them they survived......I am sure we will all be shocked at the loss...

The Japanese people experience many earth quakes as routine, so they appear to be handling this, (and in fact the news said that many who may even have to sleep in subway tunnels tonight, consider themselves "lucky" because they are alive..). But I am not so sure about Americans living there because this one was so big it scared even some of the Japanese...roads are closed..especially the upper tiers, and they are now worried about the nuclear plants recently built keep praying for them...

So back to some sort of work...

See you later,


  1. We got snow today and my husband decided he did not want to drive in it and get stuck in all that traffic again {a normal 45 min commute takes 2 hours}... so he called off work. We are getting some things done and then he is taking the kids sledding. Lovely.

    Yes, praying for Japan.

  2. I love those snow days for all! I don't blame your husband at all...
    No snow here just rain is dry but cloudy but it is a warm 54!!

  3. Praying for Japan. Such a tragic happening.

  4. It's good to have fresh eyes look at our homes and give suggestions. It's sad what's happened in Japan and how it's affecting so many people and islands.

    lisa x

  5. I can't believe about Japan either. I just heard close to 10,000 people are missing. Such wonderful people!