Saturday, March 26, 2011

Help With Planning Menues

In todays world things are expensive.  I don't know about anyone else out there, but my grocery bill just doubled in about 2 weeks, many items were put back, and I certainly didn't seem to get any "good" things..(aka junk/fun food...not that we eat a lot of that anyway, but it is nice to have a good snack around sometimes) and where it will end who knows! 

Unfortunately when they tell you can go grocery shopping, and spend such and such for ONE week, they are not including other grocery store needs like toilet paper, and aluminum foil, shampoos, etc....not to mention things you might want to have on hand for baking, or restocking (or even keeping it stocked in the first place) pantry.

This week I have been cooking out of the pantry and freezer I have been sorting and labeling and purging out of.  So I didn't post a menu, because it is anything goes!!

But I found this really good blog about making frugal dinners.  Some of them I even remember from when I was a kid, like the "Poor Man's Spahagetti dinner, only we used elbow macaroni. (Did anyone ever read White Trash Cooking?  What a hoot...unfortunately growing up in the 50's I remembered a LOT of those recipes!! LOL! I am not sure my guys would eat it at this point in their lives, but there are some really good recipes on this site.

My goal for the coming month of April, is to find healthy, local grown, spring like meals, that aren't going to rob me of what income I have!!  (I also have to get a skylight replaced and both of our cars are going to need transmission work soon..AND I haven't gone to the store for seeds for the garden yet!)

Thinking, and dreaming, of Spring on a February feeling day (where IS Spring??)

Here are some "borrowed" pictures of spring flowering trees (in parks) to remind me of whats to come.  Our town is so full of spring flowering trees that it DOES look like a park in spring..I will be glad to snap some local pictures when the time comes..

See you later...


  1. Love the Redbud trees. I buy a lot of frozen vegetables and fruits (store brand), less waste than buying fresh. I buy the plain varieties no added butter or sugar or anything like that. I can stirfry with some cooked pasta or rice and have a quick dinner. I don't buy/cook alot of meat. For breakfast or a snack make a smoothie using the frozen fruit.

  2. I plan on doing the same thing this out of the freezer. Trying to get it down, so I can thaw it and clean it.

  3. I have been purging our freezer a bit as well. Trying to clean/clear out!

  4. Spring cleaning of the freezers...Frozen (plain) veg are the can do a lot with them. Including soups.

  5. It is getting harder and harder to stay on budget. And gas prices are killing our bottom line... Thanks for the site!

  6. thanks for sharing! I also need to clean out the freezer.
    in a book i am reading it said if everyone would eat just ONE locally grown meal a week we would save 1.1 million barrels of fuel a WEEK!
    save money, save gas and eat well!
    have a great weekend!