Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Being March....

 It was 51 degrees today..tomorrow it isn't supposed to get past 15 or so..with windchills in the single digits...March....gotta love it....means something better is coming, right? 

ALMOST all the snow is melted..I still can't cross the property yet in the back, but the spaces in the paths are getting wider and wider...the corral is pretty icy..hard to walk in...and except for the icy piles on the road, the front is pretty much melted (except the sides of the driveway...)  I have a feeling a lot of bulbs aren't going to come back this year..oh well..means starting over..or simplifying ..or something....don't want to put too much money into it.. (which is agony for me)

I am having so much computer trouble crashed 4 times this morning alone, and I couldn't use it for most of the afternoon, running every program we could think of....scans, restarts, recovers, updates, you name it.  We use Mozilla and I can't even get it started right now.  I am on Internet Explorer (but I don't like it) the whole format is differnet.  I can't even check this post before I send it! 

So if I is the computer..(it is a NEW computer, but I DID have a couple of weeks where my virus protection lapsed before I got new programs on we'll see what happens...)

See you late,
Enjoy the weather...unpredictable March...whether heading into Spring or Fall...



  1. So sorry about your computer! Hopefully it's an easy fix.

    Hear you about the strange weather

  2. Thanks Kristal. I ran a registry recover program last night...It was still weird. But better. Then we were able to get it back on Mozilla. So we'll see how it goes today.

    We become so dependent on technology so fast!!