Monday, February 28, 2011

Anyone Watch the Oscars Last Night?

I have to say I watched the Oscars with my two grown up sons and I think it was one of the most fun ones yet..Not only that but I think for the most part, the fashion was pretty nice..elegant and there weren't too many over the top outfits.  Actually a lot of the dresses were down right nice...I am sure they are going to be picked apart as "bland" or whatever, but I think for the most part, they were tasteful...

                                                         picture lifted from Google


We got such a kick out of James Franco's dryness and Anne Hathaway's quirki-ness.  Very cute..she stole the show..(Loved her many outfit changes too..some of them were really nice!)

We read his tweets and facebook page as we went along..that was so cool...and in between sets he shot little video clips of what was going on back stage (pandemonium).

I have been watching James Franco since he was in Freaks and Geeks.  Such a good show..and everyone of those kids went on to bigger and better things..they canceled a good thing way too soon...their (the networks) loss.  You could tell right away that cast was special..and James Franco was already a star...

As much as I sometimes think I was born in the wrong century, I just LOVE the new technology...not sure how that would work out...but would work out...what more would you need?  A piece of property in a quiet place, your own chickens, and garden, maybe a good horse, and a good dog (s) and some cats...sheep.. whatever...(I can get carried away) , and your computer..or lap top..or Ipad..or smart phone..right?  Bye for now...

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  1. I'm sitting here wondering who won, and it's Monday evening! I'll Google to see. I rarely watch TV.

  2. I am with Brenda...I rarely watch TV anymore. I will have to read about who won. Love these two pictures.

  3. I guess, by now you know who won. It was said to be a very good movie, the actors didn't think it would win because, as I hear it said .." it was a movie about 2 middle aged men, becoming fiends..." and this is supposed to be the, " Oscars for the young"!
    I like movies based on real life...don't you?

    Those 2 pics are actually older ones form past Oscars but I liked the dresses..hee hee...

  4. Actually the past few years I didn't watch them either. We did this year to see the hosts..which we thought were ok..he was some what distracted doing the tweeting, and all, but it kind of made it funny if you were reading as the night went on...but seems like no one else did (like them..or at least him)

    I just wanted to see the clothes this year...

    I am most comfortable in jeans and tees, but ONCE in a while I like to clean up and look nice (haha) ..except that is rare since I never have any place to go these days, to dress up!

  5. I loved Anne, thought she did a great job. And her white gown was my favorite of the night - so beautiful and I think this year everyone dressed tastefully.

  6. I agree..everyone looked nice and respectable...she was adorable...