Sunday, February 13, 2011

A New Favorite Book....

I am so happy.  I just recieved my long awaited book;

..."and I shall have some peace there" Margaret Roach.

I have her first book too (A Way To Garden) And read her articles when she wrote for the local newspaper doing the garden column, as well as her work with Martha Stewart, as garden editor. 

Now she is looking for peace in beautiful Upstate NY and her gardens are a thing of beauty.  This book is a memoir of her life, and her moving Upstate.  Margaret is one of those people who, like many of us, got tired of the rat race and chucked it all to start a new life.  I wish her Peace there....

Check out her web site and look at her slide shows of the garden.

If you haven't already, Margaret, add some chickens!

See you later,


  1. Oh, I think I'de love this book. And I KNOW I am going to love the chickens I'm adding - will check out her site and gardens now...

  2. Interesting and thanks for the link. I will check her out.