Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First Sprigs of Spring....

        I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden.  ~Ruth Stout

I always try to bring in some spring flowering branches in February, but this year they were too covered with snow to reach any (my Forsythia is on the other side of the yard!)

But I could reach some very delicate branches of a small flowering Bridal Wreath that a neighbor had given me a sprig of a few years ago.  I didn't think anything would come of it in the house since it is so delicate, and the flower so small.  I have been taking pics for 3 weeks now and intended to wait until the 4th to post any, but I am afraid what I have now might be it (we'll see) and there is a Red Geranium flower out now.  The sun coming in the window is getting so strong (when we have it out) that it was making white spots on the red flower so I figured I better get it now.  I have had this geranium for about 7 years now.  I bring it in in the winter and put it out in the summer.  If it starts to look leggy I cut it back and stick the stems I cut back into the pot... 

                                           Here is week one, when I first brought them in-

                                                            Week 2-wow!  Signs of green!

                                                         Week 3 (this week)  Look really really close because my camera doesn't go any closer to a flower this small...

                                                      Look close now....

If these branches should suddenly spring forth and be covered with white, I will take their picture....but I think it might just be the pretty spring green leaves..and one tiny blossom here and there...we'll see.

Every little sign of spring is welcomed after a long white and black/gray winter!!  I Love spring, all things new and all that.  This town is full of Dogwoods, (pink and white) and Redbuds, Magnolias, and Forsythias...and all sorts of flowering trees and shrubs, so it is very pretty.  The gardens look well organized before the 'tropical jungles" or summer arrive....I Love spring...

I am looking forward to the first signs of spring in the great outdoors!

Lots of running around to do over the next couple of days...chicken feed, and other such hay...

See ya later,



  1. You just cut twigs off and they bloomed??? How cool!

  2. Wow! You have a really green thumb. I'm so excited every day when I go out into the gardens!

  3. No's easy..just cut any flower shrub branches or twigs off and stick them in water. Keep them out of the sun and change the water ever day or every other day..that's all there is to it..pussy willows work too..forsythia..any flowering spring shrub. it with your kids..experiment with different a plant takes a few weeks but by the second week the buds are getting fat, and the third they start to open..It's a good way to get a little spring in the house at the end of winter when you are "craving" spring...

  4. I am forcing forsythia and Quince right now.. they are just beginning to bloom -

    Good hay - HARD To come by!!!...

  5. YEAH SPRING!!!!!! Love the week 2 shot.

  6. Karen,

    Oh yes! Good hay this time of the year is hard to find!
    I have a kid who delivers, but it is just his side job now, and he is really expensive, BUT his hay if often pretty good, and I am not sure what I'd get form anyone else. I Love Quince..Love the color! I might be able to get to some forsythia this weekend..a lot of the snow is gone..not all of it but enough I might be ale to reach it.

    Tracy, I think some of the branches might actually have some blossoms on them, (instead of all green..not that that's bad either!) I will see in a couple of days..maybe they will, "burst forth in white"! Haha!
    I have been so lazy this week!

  7. Janie... do you have a macro setting on your camera? Most point and shoots have one. If so, try that and you can get very close to photograph the flower. Just a thought... :-))

    Love the idea of forcing.


  8. When everything outside is covered in snow it must really be fun to see these branches bursting with leaves and blossoms inside the house. Hope spring comes to you soon.

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment(-: have a super day!

  9. Oh my gosh YAY! It's so makes me happy just seeing it =)

  10. Hi Di..actually we are using the macro settling..what can I say? Need a new camera!
    Still waiting for the little white flowers, but they are SO little who knows what will show up...still haven't seen my snow drops..they are still under snow!
    Watching the Academy Awards tonight, while my son reads tweets, and watches James Franco's live videos......very funny...Kirk Douglas was a gem...