Monday, February 21, 2011

Cold... Cold Day...

We woke up this morning to 5" of snow..covered cars and paths...

This wasn't as bad as previous snows we had this winter, but it was kind of discouraging to see the paths all covered again...oh well..It's February, it's February.... I kept the chickens in today...I'll let them out tomorrow. 

This is my poor pine tree in the back...(on the other side of the fence behind the oak..)

It has so many branches broken.  I am imagining the sap that is going to rain down from them when it turns warm....

As my youngest son and I cleared my car and shoveled the driveway, I looked at the sky and thought, how bright clear blue the sky is, and how pretty it is with the sun on the black and snow covered the time I went in the house to get the camera (oh about 20 seconds?) it was cloudy and windy most of the snow blew off the branches already...and there was hardly any blue left and now it wasn't so deep!  But still pretty.  And at least we got to see the sun for a little while!

I see this one is a little was spraying snow at me while I was standing there.  It is windy and getting cold, but they said this cold just might keep the next storm to the south of I guess that's good..

It is just so pretty..

See you later,



  1. Snow is so beautiful on film. Kind of a pain in real life, so a good thing it is so picturesque.

  2. Lovely pictures Janie. We don't get snow, but our wind is bitterly cold in winter. Thank goodness for warm winter woolies, and fires.

    Lisa x

  3. We are getting hammered with snow right now. CRAZY!!

  4. It's only's only February....Actually it's the LAST full week of February!

    I think the snow might miss us tonight) but we'll see). That is the worst part about winter..the cabin fever, being stuck in. (that's kind of why I like having outside HAVE to get out...even though sometimes you don't want to at first..once you are out there is is pretty nice..) I used to think about The Long Winter (Little House on The Prairie) and think we didn't have it so bad...

    I agree..Snow is beautiful..I always tell people I don't mind snow and winter as long as I have good warm boots and gloves, and a fire to come in to, (and lots of wood) and only short stints outside!! hahah!..

  5. Thank you Janie so much for your kind words! I really appreciate it....on another note, I just adore these pictures, the snow does look gorgeous :) Xoxoxo

  6. Thanks Ashley..see you on the blog...