Monday, February 7, 2011

Oh Monday Monday....

I am not sure why, but last week almost felt like a whirl wind to me..and I didn't DO anything out of the ordinary..

Maybe it is the "juggling" to do the everyday tasks, around the icy snow piles that makes everything feel rushed...

Maybe it is "cabin fever".  I see all these projects piling up and a need to get started doing them, but either can't because I need some tool or material, or because it involves something I need to do outside.

Maybe it is that we are SO close to spring I am "chomping at the bit" to get started on more outside projects...

The weather pattern is changing and even though typically February is our coldest month, it is warmer now then it has been in January.  Enough to melt off some of the ice paths....yahhh.  Although I hear it is supposed to get cold again (no surprise here.....after all it IS February) and we might even have snow this week, although there is no threat of anything major. 

So after a nice weekend, and going to my sisters, on Sunday, with my son's, and seeing one of my nephews and his wife and their son's, we had a good time.  We did watch the Super Bowl, but I had no vested interest in any one team, except that my father came from a little coal mining town south of Pittsburgh, which would have been nice, but both teams have won before was just a fun time.  (I liked the half time show..)

So Monday is a kind of planning day.  I will post a menu later on, and see what else in in store. 

See you later...



  1. I'm feeling the cabin blues lately. It's even been too cold to send the kids outside... but today they went out. It has been lovely and I know it does them a world of good.

    But it snowed all day. Seriously... enough already. I need some green in my life!

  2. We had a warm weekend and now it is snowing very hard. Such a strange winter for us all to deal with.