Monday, February 21, 2011

Weeks Menu

Well, I finally came up with a menu of sorts.  But in no particualr order.

1-Chicken soup with cheese tortellini and Italian bread  (some spinach in the soup)

2-Hamburgers and french fries and Cole Slaw

3-Boneless chicken breasts and  I have a lot of spinach so a spinach/grapefruit salad (I have been seeing a lot of good chicken recipes on the web so I am not sure what I will do with them yet)

4-And I finally found wild caught salmon so will have that with a spinach salad with pecans and dried cranberries.  Maybe I will make some brown Basmati rice.

5-Fish sticks (which I don't usually buy) macaroni and cheese (home made) and cole slaw (red and green cabbage) with apples, nuts and dried cranberries

Weekends are always up for grabs because either we are all out, or I am out, or the boys are out, or someone has company over.
I have split pea soup, pulled pork for BBQ sandwiches, and also left over ham I can add to a pasta dish, all in the freezer.  I also have cauliflower.   And of course there's always left overs.

It must be close to spring because my thoughts are turning to lighter meals and more salads.  This is the LAST full week of February!!


  1. I'm putting Salmon on my grocery list. I really want some....

  2. It's been really hard to find. I think it's my favorite fish...