Monday, February 28, 2011

So I took a Stroll Around...

It is a rainy last day of February here.  It is 51 degrees but you'd never know DO know winter coat needed even though it is cool..YAY!

I thought I might, between the lulls (it is supposed to get worse later), take a look around to see what I could see, and see if there are any spring flowers yet.  Which by this time of the year we should be able to see early crocus (one of my favorite spring flowers) poking up, and at the very least Snow Drops. 

Well, like I have said....everything has been long covered by such deep snow...this is what I came up with...

                                native cactus, that I picked up at the beach, trying to poke through some of the icey stuff left...

                                lots of work and dropped pine needles and small branches litter the yard

                                 This is my poor pine tree by the corral... I Liked this one because it is more in the open and opens (well it did) to it's full shape...      

                             There's lots of broken fences (I saw at least one, maybe 2 posts on the corral that will need replacing, and rails, and a few broken raised bed sides...and TONS of branches all over..still enough snow in spots to not want to trudge through it, and still some of the branches weighed down in the icy slush...                                                                                                                                                         There's lots of lichen and moss of the trees in the front and side of the garage..the shady spots...well seems like it is shady all over here!        


                    And then I saw them...WOW!  They really are still alive and trying!  Not many of them though...looks like a lot of winter kill.

                                 But yep..there they are...snow drops TRYING to come through at the base of an Oak...

   Can't wait to see them!

I am using an older camera, and it has been passed around quite a bit...taken quite a few places, and it has a "permanent smudge" on the lens...  Some times you can see it sometimes not..depends on the picture...
I know I know..time for a new one....that's HIGH on my list of wants...right after the roof gets looked at, and the sky light in the bathroom that is leaking as we speak, and the you KNOW what the trucks did to our driveway turning around this winter? 

We are at the end of a dead end...they COULD turn around in other places (including the road because many many trucks DO turn around properly in the road) but they use OURS..and more then once I saw town trucks get stuck in the ice (that they make due to heavy salted wheels spinning on snow) looks like giant moles tunneled through it!

 Of course the whole driveway needs redoing, but this wheel rut was worse..we kind of pushed it back together son told me later he saw the truck when it happened.  It is on both sides of the driveway...maybe we will take it all out and put gravel (but that's a pain to shovel snow on)  I suppose I should be glad we didn't do the driveway last summer!  They would have wrecked it!

Well, off to see what I can do around here while it isn't raining...Oh!  Tomorrow is the first day of March..and the rest of the week is supposed to be nice..sunny and know what they say!  In like a lamb out like a ......Oh well, just glad March is here..spring can't be but another 4- 6 weeks behind right?   (because it is) haha!

See you later,



  1. I cannot believe that tomorrow is the first day of March, but I am so glad!

  2. I can't believe it we are March..can spring be far behind!!?