Thursday, February 3, 2011

What A Week!

Well, snow aside (and now ice), it has been quite a week and it started right with the weekend......

When I came in from outside and smelled oil in the house.  Long story short and $2100 later, we have a new oil tank in the basement.  I have been coughing for 3 days, and now I have a stomach or intestinal virus. 

So the rest of the house is still falling apart, but we have a new tank... treacherous, but yet so can be anyway.  We didn't get a lot down here, but I did snap a few pictures of branches...nothing pretty..there was no sun..... for our "winter weather record".

(I have seen some beautiful ice storms) but destructive none the less.  Later on, after some melts, I will take pics of the once pretty pine tree in the back that has been decimated this winter.  SO many branches have snapped off...

The paths are now partially melted and have refrozen.  Yesterday I tried to rough them up as I walked knowing full well today they will be a sheet of ice.

My oldest son had a work schedule change and now has Thursday off (and Sunday).  I am going to think it is Saturday all day (for a while!)  We'll see how this goes now, with him having split days off.

 Today is a chicken soup day, since it won't get out of the 20's.  And I am planning to look over seed catalogs for what to grow this year.  This is a hard choice.  I was just talking to my neighbor about moving.  So I have to decide just how much I will grow.  I can always leave it if we sell, for the new owners..I can't seem to NOT grow anything...

That brings up another dilemma.  Just how much do I put into this house to put it on the market?  There is nothing special about this house.  It is an expanded ranch, expanded from a 4 room summer cottage that was built in 1946!  (and it maybe have been better if they left it as it was!) The "Ranch" part being added in the 50's.  "Some" parts of the house are falling apart, (after all these years) and some are very sturdy indeed.  But if someone buys it today, they will no doubt tear it down, as they are doing with so many older houses these days.  So just how much do I put into it to sell it?  The BEST thing about where we are right now, is the location....the 627 acre wilderness park next to us that is full of horse trials and will never be built on.....we are also zoned for 2 horses on this property, whereas most others around us are zoned for 1.  THIS is what makes it hard to decide to move.

So I have my work cut out for me..mostly "mental"!  (and throw in some emotional)  Because another very BIG problem is I LOVE New York!  Maybe not so much what they are doing to Long Island, (it was once a very beautiful place), but NY in general...I am a north east Coast girl....Love the coast...not overly fond of the South, although it is pretty all along the coast, (no offense to anyone) but the cost of living is sure tempting...

Must go for now,

See ya later,


  1. What a tough decision about moving. Glad you made it through the storm {ugh on the expense of the tank}

  2. Kristal,

    Yes, it is hard deciding whether or not to move when you know your kids grew up in the house. Before kids we moved quite a bit, but after kids there was one move-to where we are now.. And now I have to make this decision myself..oh well..that's life.
    The oil tank was QUITE unexpected. I do, thinking back, remember seeing a moisture line on it for at least a year but no oil companies we ever had ever told me there could be a problem. This was such an emergency, and I didn't even have time to look around for a better price (the oil company I am using now is new this fall yo us and I am quite happy with them)
    Our "snow" piles on the sides of the path are now ICE piles. It feels kind of like one of those toboggan tracks they have on the Olympics!

    Hope you didn't get a lot of ice too...

  3. Seed catalogs are coming out here today as well. I think you should go ahead and plant a garden - no matter what you decide to do with the house! You've got some tough decisions ahead. Blessings!

  4. Thanks for the boost..I know I don't think I could look out at the beds if they were empty! I have been growing a garden for so long it is part of me...haha (both sets of grandparents were farmers at one or another points in their lives)
    I need chickens too, but I do not have the time to order them while it is cold and fuss with them, if I have to figure out what we are doing. If I wait until it is warmer they won't lay until fall. So I might just have to bite the bullet and (ugh) buy eggs...I have 6 left and a rooster but I am not sure what they will give me this year... (they are older). I lost my 2 best bantam/Aracauna mixed hens ...I could always count on them for eggs...
    I need to sit down and figure out what to order...(and I don't mind growing things that might be left for someone else...)