Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oh Me Oh My....

I did a bad thing today...I was going to go shopping tomorrow, or Tuesday, after doing a menu and food list.

Then I heard the weather report.  Well, several of them.  One was rain tomorrow....Ok, that's ok....Then they said snow and ice, then they said rain and snow not so good..then they said Snow! ..3-5" of it..( nuisance snow!!) tonight into tomorrow....(it IS IS  February....).  I don't want go out out tomorrow!  (whine) I want to stay in a cook!  Or bake!  Or look through my garden catalogs...

So I quick made a fast list (of things we are out of, or will be in need food, milk, paper towels...chocolate ) and NO MENU! 

Hmm..does someone know something I don't?  Was there a BIG game of some sort today?  Oh!  Indy 500 right?  NO ONE was on the road!! It was like the 50's again!! 

So I figured the stores would be crowded..No one..right through on the lines!! Actually, NO lines!  Maybe every one panicked yesterday?? (the stores are usually packed here before a storm and I am always glad we did our shopping before)

I spent DOUBLE what I usually spend and STILL have no menu!

Oh well..I am happy..I just sent 2 hours talking to my brother about Italian cooking!  (he is in KS, I am in NY) 

See you later,



  1. As long as you got the chocolate. (and the cat food).

    Lisa x

  2. Well, chocolate is a good thing to have on hand!

    Crazy weather. We got an inch of snow in 30 minutes today and then later it went to freezing rain.

  3. Ugh..don't like freezing rain! I keep telling myself it is still February..just seems like a long winter because it started so early...

  4. That's hard to believe, huh? There's always traffic and crowds in this town.

  5. And before it snows people absolutely go nuts! (and drive nuts!)