Sunday, November 28, 2010

Back to the Drawing Board....

It is a beautiful Sunday morning in NY...the wind died down, the sun is out...

......and my hose idea doesn't appear to be working!

So its back to the drawing board. 

There was a thin coating of glass like ice on all the water surfaces this morning...It went down to 30 degrees last night.  So I thought that in a "small" way I could test out my heated hose and the extention I bought. 

Nope...what happened?  Yes, thin ice came out of the heated hose, but then nothing..I went up and down the hose, and felt the extension hose over and over again..there doesn't appear to be any ice in the extension now what???  How will this work when it is 15 degrees?!

I have one more idea to try...the thought of hauling water out from the house, all winter, is NOT thrilling me..I have been doing it for far too many years....(I need a REAL barn! .... with water and electric!!!  Can't do that here and we all know what THAT means.... and, "THAT" would be a project and a half...!.)

Right now, the temperature is over 40 degrees (and the next few days they say will be fairly normal for this time of the year, which means not freezing or below at night (yet), so I will have to wait to see if the idea works...

I am eagerly looking forward to having all the winter planning finished, and done with, so I can spend the winter, garden planning and re-doing my bathroom!  I don't have a good camera yet (not that its bad it is just an older one), and that might take time, but I hope to get some pictures on with the one we have...we'll see how they turn out...

I have a turkey breast carcass simmering in a pot, on the stove, with onions and carrots to make stock...(I have no celery until I go out later).  I made an herbed turkey breast during the week, and it smells so good!
I always make more then enough stock, so I can freeze it for those cold, cold winter nights when you just NEED to make some soup, and there it is, already to go...a hold out from the days of Homeschooling and living on one income.....maybe that was training for now...

See ya 'round the corner....



  1. Winter makes life so much harder, doesn't it? Hope you find a way to solve your problem :)

  2. Thanks Tricia.. I try to think of winter as the "planning" month....planning for spring!

    Think of it this way...only one more month before the days start getting longer...yippee!