Monday, November 29, 2010

Well here it is...

Almost the end of November....time to review the year....and plan ahead.

I have a few ideas for projects for the coming year, for both our home, and for my own self improvement.  One that seems to be a big one this year, for many bloggers and writers, is letting go of the perfectionism that tells us that we have to be in control of every little detail or we are failures, but in fact it only strangles us further.....(more on those projects and plans later as I put them all into perspective and prioritize)

I want, of course, to work on my bathroom (which does not mean simply decorating, since much of what is needed is down right re-doing!  (and repair in some cases)

And I have a lot to think about this coming year..such as whether to stay here and make the best of it, or move to another location...I LOVE NY, so it will not be easy to leave, and most of my family is here..(if not all of the important ones) 

Moving would involve, and change, the lives of other people, so it is a lot to think about for one person...but financially, it may end up to be a necessity. In the meantime, I am trying to move forward (things keep getting in the loss and grief (we lost my husband almost 8 years ago (Dec 13, 2002), my dad 2 3/4 yrs ago (March 31, 2008), my mother 1 3/4 yrs ago (March 28, 2009), and my long time brother in law..our go to person, our substitute anchor, suffered a near fatal accident (January 9, 2009), almost 2 years ago, and suffered head trauma that forever changed his, and my sister's life, and coming to grips with that, and even contentment with what we have..) 

One thing I do NOT plan on doing...I am not going to a Mall until after January!  I will stick to stores that aren't often AC Moore and thank goodness many places offer sales on line!  I LOVE Amazon!

Time to fly!  (I think my electric extension cord might not be working so off the check that..maybe that's the problem..)

See ya 'round the corner...


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