Monday, November 8, 2010

Four Letter Words!! And REAL time...

I have heard the first of the winter 4 letter words today!


Snow!  Early November! In NY!! at 36 degrees!!

I haven't even finished my leaves yet...granted it came with rain, but it did stick on the dirt in the garden and the deck...!!  (maybe we get an early early winter and then it gets mild real quick...  maybe!?)

It was a hard, hard week last week.  On top of all the work to do before real winter starts in, we lost a dear friend last Saturday night, everyone is sick with colds and viruses, and our 16 year old kitty (one of 4) is sniffling today....

BUT we did go back to REAL time.....(does anyone remember that?!)

Best of the day for you, on this first Nor'easter of Fall...(gonna mess up our plans for a mild week I hear...)
....once things calm down a bit I can get back to this site...put up some pictures...

Until then..or maybe later...


  1. It's damp and chilly today, Janie. My heat is on yet I am bundled up in a sweater. It takes time to adjust to the cold weather after the warm summer and fall we've had.

    Hope everyone there feels better soon!

  2. Snow! I'm wearing shorts today!