Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I am So Excited....

Little things make me happy...my husband once got me a manure fork and a pitch fork, for some occasion...I forget what now...(I think it was an anniversary..can you imagine!?)

I got a package from Lee Valley today..a heated hose!! 

For a long time, during the winter I have had to lug water out from the kitchen, to the animals 3 or 4 times a day....ever try to carry a full bucket of water?  It ruined my hip...(I do get help from my sons but it was starting to ruin their hips too and I thought they are too young to start having trouble with hips..) My husband did it for 10 or 12 years before he died, and I have done it myself now for 8 years......

The way our back patio is "installed" (not by us) it would be impossible to put a water line in without digging up the whole patio and starting over...I'm afraid I can't do that...A friend of mine, in Alberta Canada, told me Lee Valley has a heated hose, so I looked into it. 

The hose has a heating coil in it and a plug for an outlet..now again, because the way this house is "arranged" I will have to run an utility extension cord from the garage, to the hose and faucet.  I am hoping I will not have to leave it plugged in all the time....I don't like having an extension cord plugged in all the time..especially running through the garage and over the HAY!!  It will not go all the way out..I got the 50' hose (they had 2- a 50' and 25') but the distance is 85', so I will use a shorter hose I hook up and unhook as needed, to run the extra distance...if that doesn't work I will buy another one....here's hoping it works..this might save my hip!!

My absolute greatest dream is to someday have a place, with SUNNY rooms, and with a real barn, with heat and electric, to keep everything in....that isn't going to happen here...so I make the best of what I have now...

Bathroom projects have to wait for leaves and garden while I can!!  (and I am hoping to see if I have any yard pictures on the old camera to post...I will check on that later,...off to feed the animals, do some garden clean up and go food shopping before it gets dark..!  Can't see so well in the dark any more.)

Have a GREAT day,



  1. Just wanted to let you know that you’ve been featured on my weekly Welcome Wagon Friday post, which just went up. Welcome to our little blogging neighborhood. You have a beautiful blog!
    Brenda http://cozylittlehouse.com

  2. Hey there. Carrying so much water seems like its' hard on your back as well as your hips. Hopefully you get the water problems fixed.
    What a lovely blog you have.

    I am visiting from Brenda's Welcome Wagon. Hope you have a good day.

  3. Loving life is what I see in your blog...So glad to have found you, quite by accident. Will stop in every now and again. Good luck with 'hosing' around!
    Sounds like you got a plan that will work wonders - for ALL involved! (Visited upstate NY a few weeks ago and the foliage spectacle was utterly glorious!....But snow - already?!!!)

  4. Brenda, thank you for mentioning me on your Blog (alerts!) I check them out every week and My Yahoo is now full to capacity!! Now what will I do!!

    Thank you Becca and Maria...I will have to check your blogs out as well.
    The only reason I put up with the hose/water problem is our location is great (except it "could" have more sun)and the Neighbors are great as well...but someday..I "feel" that fully equipped barn is in my future..(hope its not the distant future!)